Most fragrant peony?

Grosse Pointe Shores, MI(Zone 6a)

I just relocated a Miss Kim lilac, which in our excitement over having bought our new house, DH and I had planted in the wrong place. I didn't realize how big "Little" could get, so I decided to move it while it was still relatively small.

Anyway, there is a big hole left where it was. In that bed are Black-eyed Susans, a hydrangea that we only just last summer learned how to bloom (lol, don't cut off the old growth), and a clematis that might be a Gypsy Queen...dark purple.

I'm thinking about putting a peony in that spot. It should bloom before everything else, will provide a support system to the clematis, and will fade into the background with the Susans.

I am partial to doubles and would like a highly fragrant variety to put in that spot. A tall grower would be ok. I'd like to pick something that could grow into a large specimen plant.

So, I'm looking for a large, double, highly fragrant peony that would fit in that space. Any suggestions?


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Lucketts, VA(Zone 7a)

I've only planted one peony cultivar so far. I got it because of the name - 'Vivid Rose', to plant in memory of my Grandmother Rose. It has a wonderful fragrance. Found it several years ago in the Klehm's Song Sparrow catalog. They still carry it, along with so many others that I would love to get.

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Lexington, MA(Zone 6a)

Mmmm. I'd say the heirloom varieties are the surest bet for fragrance, since it is bred out of many of the showy, but more recent offerings. Many catalogs on line will even tell you how fragrant a particular cultivar might be. Edulus Superba is one famously fragrant one, but not the tallest. Is there a color preference, or a preference for how early or late it is? The classic Festiva Maxima smells pretty good. I'll tell you when I can smell my own Moonstone,a tall pearly color, whether that one is all that fragrant.

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