Lasia spinosa

noonamah, Australia

My Lasia spinosa is flowering again. As summer finishes it starts to produce flowers right through to the start of summer again. The flower (inflorescence really, as with aroids generally) is quite unusual. The spathe is very long, slender and twisted. The plant still has fruit/berries from last season that never seem to want to ripen. You can see from the photo of the fruit where it gets its name "spinosa" from.

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Thanks for the update concerning the fruit/berries from your plant Tropic. Mine gave me its first inflorescence a couple of weeks ago:)

noonamah, Australia

That's great Rachel. The last photo I saw of yours it was still quite a small plant. It must be really thriving. They flower over a long period so you should get some more inflorescences.

Thanks Tropic. Mine sure has been a strong and aggressive grower even as a potted specimen and I even took your advice on adding some clay to the soil mix . I will be looking forward to reading on how it goes with the berries on your plant in the future.

Any updates on the berries Tropic?

noonamah, Australia

Rachel, sorry for not getting back earlier. It appears the stem with the berry cluster was waiting for when it fell into water. I kept it hooked up out of the water and it went a couple of years without doing anything. Eventually it went into the water and I didn't notice until later. By then the berries had come off and were floating around. Probably a response to wet season flooding which would disperse the seeds. Anyway, I collected them up and placed them in water in a container. Didn't take long for some to germinate, some still haven't germinated. I put some of the germinated ones in pots and they've grown a bit. One is white, perhaps going to be variegated? Or perhaps going to die when it's food source, the seed, runs out. I'll see how it turns out. Don't know what sort of a market there'd be for variegated Lasia spinosa. Some of the seedlings are a plain but very healthy looking green. I really don't need any more of these, but it's nice to get plants going right through their cycle.

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Hi Zig and thanks for the update. I hope the new leaves on the all white one, does not show that much chlorosis as it would be very interesting to see a stable variegated form of Lasia and I would definitely say there would be a market for a variegated form. Mine flowers often but has yet to give me any ripe berries thus far. Hopefully, in the future, my seeds will prove to be viable as well.

My Cyrtosperma johnstonii has yet to flower but it is now standing well over 5 feet tall so I am hoping for an inflo. soon.

Give another update when you can.

noonamah, Australia

The "variegated" ones are still all white and are slower growing than the all green seedlings. I suspect when they run out of reserves stored in the seed they'll 'expire'.. The main plant(s) have another cluster of berries. Most of the flowers don't develop berries, thankfully. I think I'll have to start cutting off the old flowers to stop getting over run with seedlings.

My C. johnstonii has been flowering for a while and still looking good. Don't know if it'll produce seed, have to wait and see. It is producing a sucker so looks like it's in clumping mood (or mode).

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

thanks to u tropic ..i will be checking out sources to get some cyrtospermas..
lol plant collecting is truely addictive.. not such a bad one i guess.. :)
rachel ?? any suggestions to someone not living in the tropics (im in utah)
still no greenhouse..but go to major extremes to keep tropicals alive..LOL :)
i think cyrtos would be a super addition to my ever growing collection of tropicals
sources to get quality plants,places NOT to buy..
much thanks..

I would say you are busy enough with just keeping the Lasia plants in check without having to worry with a bunch of seedlings but I hope the "potential" variegated one does not expire. The C. johnstonii, I spoke of prior, has only produced three suckers but I have another one in which has produced seven even though it is not nearly as mature.
tropicalnut, I sent you a D-mail.

noonamah, Australia

An update on the Lasia spinosa seedlings. This mornings photo. The green seedlings have grown quite a lot. The variegated ones (should really call them albino, there's no green on them at all) are quite small. The seeds are still attached but must be getting close to empty. If they'd show just a bit of green there'd probably be a chance of them surviving but as is, . it's only a matter of time. Funny how you can get such extremes from the one berry cluster with nothing in between.

The parent plant is flowering again, though not as prolifically as during the winter. It's also producing more berry clusters. I think I'd better try and "put the genie back in the bottle", LOL.

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Sounds like it would be a very good idea for you to put the genie back in the bottle at the rate your getting seeds Zig and those albino ones have grown since your last photo and I'm a bit amazed that they have not fizzled out on you yet. I had some albino Alocasia seedlings and they died out with in two weeks of growing. Good luck and hopefully they will develop some "green" and keep on growing. I sure hope so!

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Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

do u all pot up your crytos in similar potting mix as
EE's? i'll do some searches on culture..
would a potting mix like im using on my amorphs work??
pine bark fines,pumice,peat moss..
are they heavy feeders? special needs of N,P,K ?
much thanks...

noonamah, Australia

Rachel, just looking at them today, I don't think the albinos have much time left. One seems to have shrunk to close to nothing, and the others are tiny compared to the green ones now. Two stems of the main plant have fallen over (into the water). Debating whether to cut them off and plant elsewhere, or just compost them. The main plant is now getting close to my height. Looks great, but a bit menacing, LOL.

Dave, Cyrtos are swamp plants (not deep water, though).They'll grow in ordinary soil but be sure to keep them wet all the time. I knew someone who had a C. johnstonii but when she went to show me it was gone. She checked the sprinkler nearby and it was blocked up.

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

tropic..much looking forward to trying cyrtos...

Nice size on your main plant Zig and sorry to read about the albinos although it does not surprise me but I'm still wishing atleast one will make it. My plant is almost 4 ft. tall and has filled up it's 3 foot round pot. I guess I'll have to buy a baby swimming pool for it next. Geesh, what extremes some of us in-house gardners will go to :o)

Dave, I agree with Zig on the type of soil for Cyrtos. I use the soil from around my outside pond and add Osmocote. I also use Miracle Gro at 1/4 the label rate each time I have to add water to it's container and when I water from the top.

noonamah, Australia

There's not a lot of them and very few are available. All except C. merkusii are from New Guinea. If you haven't already jacked up the roof of your house to accomodate the A. titanum you'll definitely need to for some of the Cyrtos.

Provo, UT(Zone 5a) maybe raising cyrtos will be what will force me
to put up a greenhouse.. :)
i read "somewhere"..i read stuff and i cant remember where..
??? does that mean im getting old.. lol
but.. tindara im guessing by "they" as the dr who
owns/operates the amorph plants..and his bro in law..i think .. are going
to maybe branch out on varieties/hybrids of amorph titanum..
now that will be fun !!!
major longggggggg term plan for sure..but would be cool
sorry for bending the cyrtos posting here..
but hey.. tropic..u brought up amorph titanum... LOLLL
:) kidding..

noonamah, Australia

"Cyrtos posting"? It's actually a Lasia thread, LOL.

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