What's "Your method" of handling bulb foliage ?

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

We all know that books will tell you to let the daffodil and tulip foliage die back naturally and we all know it takes about a long 6 weeks for that to happen. Rules were made to be broken and sometimes certain practices work for the gardener, despite book suggestions. My dear MIL folded her daff foliage down and put rubber bands around it, so the garden would look not so shabby. I've removed the dried daffodil bloom and cut the stem back near to the ground, Last year I experimented by digging up some daffs and planting them in a flower box with soil over them, letting the foliage die back naturally. After that I cut the dried foliage off and put the bulbs in a mesh laundry bag and hung in the unheated garage and when fall came, I replanted those bulbs..To be honest I couldn't tell any diffrerence; I know I marked the place where the daff was planted but I didn't notate which were the transplants so I'm not sure if I can tell if my experiment worked. It's a lot of work replanting in the Fall but it allows you to determine better placement of them among the other perennials in the flowerbed.
Don't know if this makes any sense and I hate planting bulbs with a passion. I even made 3 bulb cages out of hardware wire and planted bulbs in that and forgot to mark where the bulb cages were planted, which was not to smart on my part I admit.

One garden blogger from the mid west wrote that she gradually cuts her daffodil foliage tips until they are almost to the ground. Her gardens are absolutely stunning too!

I know there are a lot of wonderful, experienced gardeners that doesn't follow the recommendations of the garden books writers and they have beautiful flower gardens..

Please share your experience and success of handling bulb foliage after blooming season is finished.

I think we covered this last year but I couldn't find it in my search tonight.(make that wee hours), I fell asleep after dinner and woke up about 10:30 pm and my brain won't shut down but I need to get a few more hours of sleep.

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