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Victoria Harbour, ON

Thought I'd move us over on this sunny Sunday morning...

we moved from here..


PLEASE if anyone at any time feels the thread is getting too long, please feel free to start a new thread..

Will go read last few posts and visit in a bit

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Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Thanks for the move Betty ^_^
We sure generate lots of text .. all good though !!

Fingers crossed Brenda can go home from hospital today .. Lorna's only positive recollection re the 'hospital cuisine at St B' was the date squares, and they only arrived 3 times in the 2 weeks she was there, but, you could purchase them in the cafeteria LoL
Be nice if she can be discharged, guess it's a wait and see proposition.

ANOTHER heavy frost morning .. lawsie am tired of them .. you can sure tell how hearty Iris and DayLilies are though ! The bunches of them I have are hanging on ..
Going to hang sheets on the line .. know they'll dry as we do have the ever constant wind, and, brilliant SUNSHINE :-)

Have a nice day everyone


Victoria Harbour, ON

"M" must find a spot for my clothesline! Got taken down when they screened in the porch..sure miss snuggling into wind blown spring smelling linen.

Hard to believe that what was once a life threatening operation is now done daily and patient home within a week..just amazing!! Am sure Brenda is sitting waiting for her doctor to come in and give her the go ahead.

No frost here this mornimg, see much growth in the gardens however with being sick all week I didn't get to any weeding and it's much needed. Perhaps if I'm up to it a 1/2 hour of sunshine wouldn't do me harm..we will see.

I had finished my sisters stained glass piece last week, only thing remaining is to put a black finish on outside came frame..little bottle of black, similar to nail polish so I sit, do 5 minutes and take a break..no rush, Christmas isn't for a bit yet. Lol

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

A lovely sunny day yesterday. Got one more bed cleared and tidied= lots to go but It is supposed t rain a few days this week so probably wont get much done, maybe some more today

I am on a committee which met yesterday at the coummunity centre to build a community garden( they are sprouting all over this city) I cant do any physical labor but am charged with coming up with a list of trees and shrubs with edible fruit.

Other than that was not feeling very good yesterday, not sure if it just the food issue which is getting worse or real nausea so I took some anti nausea pills I was given last Nov but have never used. Seems to have helped - went to bed early. When all else fails, lie down and sleep! Not the best solution but it is what I do.

I have new neighbors ( rental) nice couple with two dogs - a young French bulldog named Fara and an English bulldog named Bronx. If my dogs and their dogs are in the yard Fara rushs over to the fence to check things out - if my dogs see her they too rush to the fence and we have a bit of barking. Working on that one- Sassy is responding well to a loud NO Bailey is a bit of a problem as he is deaf but he does not persist. But it is funny whenever Farah is in the yard, dogs on my side or not , she patrols the fence keeping an eye on things. They are nice dogs.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Hope you don't have to fight nausea for the rest of the day Carol..guess you must stock up on medicines to meet whatever comes your way. Nice that you are enjoying the new neighbors..is she a gardener? Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could impart some of your garden knowledge to her. Guess when a home as renters not always are they kind to the grounds..few treat rentals as their own and with pride.

Aren't furries fun, takes them a bit of sniffing and barking before becoming best of friends.

My neighbor is always talking about gardening and what she will accomplish but the only person I see working in the yard is her hubby..big improvement over how they kept their property a few years ago.


ah yes Carol - lie down and rest/sleep! The nausea is caused by the treatment, I guess...
I'm sure there must be lots of community gardens, but I don't know of any.
I mentioned French Bulldogs to my DD Michelle as she wants a companion for her Pug. They've been thinking of one - there's one in their Doggy Day Care and she's so cute that Michelle says she's tempted to "kidnap" her lol


In the words of George Bernard Shaw:
"This is the true joy in life - that being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one. That being a force of nature, instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy. I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die. For the harder I work the more I live. I rejoice in life for its own sake. Life is no brief candle to me. It's a sort of splendid torch which I've got to hold up for the moment and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations."

Wow - what a powerful message!


Brenda HAS been discharged - I just called the hospital!! As it's a long drive back home (think it's about 2 hours) she may not be home.
I won't call her today as she'll be resting, surely.
SO glad she's well enough to go home!! happy, happy, happy dance!!!!! (grin)

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Nice to hear Brenda is 'sprung' .. her days will most definitely be filled with REST as it is almost the single most important thing she can to help herself heal ..

Sheets dried in less than 90 minutes ,, was going to sit outside for a bit, but that wind is not a friendly one .. so .. SCRABBLE it has been ..
Time now to get supper on the go .. BBQ is my friend ^_^

Take care all


Victoria Harbour, ON

Went and sat a few minutes on back deck, Lordy the wind is cold so it didn't last more than a few minutes. Should use the BBQ but starting it up for one is too much work!

I'm sure Brenda's hubby will be watching that she behaves..that is a long drive, she'll be sore by the time she reaches home.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

It has been another decent day but I think the rain is just starting.
Did a little bit of weeding this morning.
And took the dogs for a walk- it has been a long time since I took them out - need to get back into the habit.Fortunately they walk about as slow as I do. As we came up the last stretch a couple came out of a new infill on the corner of the next block and stood and watched us and then they came across the street to meet the dogs and thanked me for stopping! Realised after I walked on we did not exchange names. They have only been here 2-3 months.


Rain's done, and temp has gone from 13c to 14c :-)
Guess the mechanic will be able to finish my car now!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Carol,bet it was wonderful, getting to go walking again with the furries..just think, not introducing yourselves is going to give you another opportunity to go by and and do so.

By now Susan you should have your wheels again, so where will you go now that you can open the door, start the car and drive?

Calling for much higher temps as the week progresses but along with it comes the rain..drats!

I'm at work this morning and thank goodness I've only had 1 call as the minute I start to talk I start hacking..would have stayed home but Suzanne called me at break of dawn to say she has the flu and couldn't come in..had clients dropping papers off so someone had to be here..as it happened one arrived at 9:05, still waiting for the other to come..origninally thought I might go home after he's been but will put in my day..fight this (*&^ t&^ thing.


Betty - my car isn't done yet - Richard has another car he's working on, then will come do mine.
And Bob's cut the drywall where he wants to put board in, to replace the drywall, and found no insulation so he's thinking of insulating...... anyway, it now shows properly where the framing is so he has a reference point for placing the screws and finally the glass shelves. When they built this addition (the den) they didn't frame the on-16" centers so it's off by 1/2" or so. That makes a big difference if you miss it, right?!

Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

Dogs and gardens can always spark a conversation! I think that having a good neighborhood starts with talking to each other. I try to at least go and say hi to the new folks on my block.
I thought you folks down east were getting some decent weather?
We are to be in for some rain this week.
Alberta Ann

Victoria Harbour, ON

Will be anywhere between 19 - 25 tomorrow through to the weekend but rain/rain..gardens are enjoying the rain and sunshine though..really seeing some growth.

I do the same Annabell, chat them up and at least make them feel part of the neighborhood..not a lot of time for tea but I do invite them once the gardens are in shape to come and take a walk and see my pretties.. lot easier to make a friend than an enemy


yeah....... rain...... hope the mechanic fixes my car before the rain comes.....
Sure looking forward to my garden getting a good soaking, and my car Too! We've been having so many sticky seed pods flying about and they're on Everything! I think a lot of them are from our evergreen that grows up through our deck. Just get them cleaned up and another wind comes to give us More lol

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

HAPPY MAY everyone ^_^
Thought it'd never get here, and, with it, we are 'supposedly' going to see a change in our temps here in TBay ..
Am hearing 'tales' of 22C on Wed and Thurs ... accompanied by rain, but higher temps just the same .. the Forsythia is starting to bloom out, so, a good indication things are on the UP swing :-)
Susan, I hear ya on 'the stickies' .. here it's the fluffy 'worm like' things that fall off the Poplar trees before the leaves reveal themselves .. flippin things are everywhere, but, happily, they DON'T stick to stuff as they're fluffy (ish)

Getting ready to help with a Hospice Hike this weekend .. and, trying not to think about the dental extraction on the 8th :-(

Have a good one


Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning, nice mist here this morning, foggy, lucky or unlucky that I found the office lol
Did a quick walk in the gardens this morning, wow, lots of green growth..think all but a few shrubs survived the winter.
Stopped at WalMart on my way in for cough candies and picked up 2 hops..only place I can find them is the Barrie store..few years ago they were 7.98 and totay 9.98 but what a bang for your buck, by July the back arbour will be entirely covered. It's an anniversary sale at our Canadian Tire -4 days only, see they have spirea and potentilla and pink princess weigelia for 1/2 price..on for 6.88 sale starts Thursday so I'll have to drop in for a few..best time to stock up!

Giant trees in front yard will soon be shedding their casings, not looking forward to it, don't stick but talk about the mess they make, I usually work it into the gardens, acts as fertilizer I hope!


More than misting here - we have RAIN!! yaaaaaaaaaay, cuz Calgary is Such a dry place that we gardeners Love to see it Wet for a change.

My car isn't fixed yet - still waiting for our mechanic - he's busy with other jobs, and it IS raining (although he says that's not a factor....... go figure?!?! He'd be working outside, not in a garage......)

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

22C here today .. WITH a southerly wind .. very nice :-)

Kind of a crappy day family news wise .. Lorna's Great Aunt Doreen passed away this morning at 5:30am .. she had been ill for a good long while ... told me at Xmas she was ready to go and felt she had lived a full life .. she was a wonderful lady.
My Aunt Gladys .. 96 .. lived in the same complex as Doreen .. has now been placed in a Long Term Care Home .. living on her own was not a viable option.
Sigh .. life can sure smack ya one every once in awhile.

On the brighter side .. Hospice held a meeting for the volunteers involved in this coming Sundays 'Hospice Hike" .. over 150 participants .. not bad for a first time effort ^_^
Lorna and i will be helping out at the registration desk, as well, I'll provide First Aid at one of the Stations if needed.

Hope everyone id doing well ..


Victoria Harbour, ON

Condolences "M" on the passing of your Great Aunt Doreen..I'm sure your talk at Christmas has given you a bit of peace knowing that she was content in the life she had lived..when grandma died at 99 she said the saddest part of living the last 20 or 30 years was losing all her siblings, friends and even her children, 5 of 7 had passed on before her..said it was a lonely life having no one to talk to about her generation...am sure your Aunt felt the same..

That is indeed a great turnout, now if only the weather cooperates.

It is raining here, calling for 90% rain and thunder storms for tomorrow, sure hoping it then clears for the weekend. With being. Sick these past few weekends little work got done in the gardens, where we started in March I thought I was well ahead of the game, now I'm behind..oh well, weeds will get to compete with the flowers and shrubs..I'll sure know it when I look to see what I'm pulling out, weed or flower as they shall be mature.

Stopped on my way home tonight and picked up another lilac, dark purple, hope he's not leading me astray with the color, not fond of those light purple lilacs..

Between taking cough medicine, cough candies, neocitrin my taste buds are the pitzzzz sooo think I'll skip supper and just have cereal..a bowl and a spoon to wash makes for easy kitchen chores.

Susan, did the mechanic come and fix your vehicle?

Waving to all others


((((((((Marilyn)))))))) sad news indeed, about your Great Aunt Doreen.......

No Betty - he hasn't been by......... darn mechanic!!!
I like the darker lilacs too, Betty. The light ones look so washed out!

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Thanks for the condolences. Much appreciated.

Spring showers (and lots of'em) here this morning .. and 'things' are greening up at a fast pace ..
Put one of the Hummingbird feeders up last evening as I wasn't sure if was a 'BIG BEE' or a Hummer that flew past me. I see on the calender I have them as arriving here last year on May 13.

Hope your car gets fixed soon Susan .. and, Betty .. how;s the cold? I see as per my FBook, that several folks have a wicked head cold ..

Off to town to have breakfast .. then physio :-(

Take care all


Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning all,

Was just getting ready for work when Suzanne called, said she was on her way to work, sniffling a bit and said she would prefer I work from home as not to get what is still lingering..think she got tired of my coughing and hacking while feverish so it's home I stay today and tomorrow..not that I mind..will give me the opportunity to rest a few more days.

When is the funeral "m"?

Got a call from Jeff this mornimg giving me all the particulars of his trip, leaves tomorrow for Jamaica (also to include some kayaking). I asked if someone was to pass would he want a call, said he would leave that up to me..for sure if it was me or his brother and family..know it's silly to ask but something one should know what to do. He says I'm such a worry wart...lol

As for my gardens, just soooo green, rain just stopped, not the warmest though.Canadian Tire anniversary sale in Midland, they have been there 10 years I believe..have shrubs on for $6.88 1/2 price so Ann is going into town and will pick some up to replace the few that did not make the winter. Can anyone tell me how much bone marrow to put into the hole?

Well, neocitrin is needed

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Dont remember Monday very much, think it rained all day, had the forgotten Mammogram , otherwise stayed home. Yesterday Tues) regular blood work in the morning but it definitely rained! My phone went out of service and internet was patchy so I found a neighbor who was home and called Telus, said 25 minute wait - (figured that meant there was a big problem but it seemed everybody elses phone was OK)so just chatted a bit and hung up! Later another neighbor was home and I called again and got straight thru. Appt time was Wed 4-6. The trick he asked me to try didnt work so wait for appt, still had internet from time to time. Just before I went to bed ( the rain had stopped for a while I checked the phone and had a line! Figured it mst be a moiture problem. Same next morning. So I called to cancel and tech said no still come so I left it. Good thing because later on lost the line again. Tech didnt make it until almost 6 but looked at the sign on my door and said its OK I do have a cold but your problem is outside so I dont need to come in the house. Dont know what he did but it took about an hour and he was climbing up and down the poles etc and it is all fixed!

Chemo yesterday, all went well. I take my pre chemo pills an hour before appt and they were about half hour late so I was pretty wobbly walking down the hall! Nice they put me in a bed instead of a chair so I just dozed the whole time. Then I also took the Ativan - usually sleep a couple of hours at home after but not yesterday - of course was waiting for the phone tech. One more chemo to go! Then my poor veins can recover I hope!

Went to bed early, woke up at 3, back to sleep and Bailey woke me whining at 630 - I got up let them out, fed them and went back to bed and slept another 2 hours! Here I am at 10AM and still not dressed! And ready for a nap! Good thing it is cold and rain off and on so I dont need to feel guilty about not going and working in the garden. This is dog walker day but he cant take the dogs for their regular run, will stop here when he is finished with the regular dogs and take my 3 for a shorter walk around the neighborhood - providing it is not raining of course. Bailey won't go outside if it is raining!

Victoria Harbour, ON

You have had quite a time of it Carol..glad all the equipment is back working..just so annoying ..don't know what we would do without our phones, cels and computers, panic situation for sure! I'm sure you will be relieved to have chemo treatments behind you..must be painful.

Garden can wait, you rest! Been the same here, rain then sun tries to come out then rain again..Ann went to town and picked up 6 shrubs for me..when she arrived she put them under the overhand and said I'd best not be digging holes and planting until I feel better..these friends are old mother hens..

I'm going to put out an s o s with friens, looking for some chicken and hens


Carol - really quite a day......... sounds like you really needed the sleep/rest!
I'm having intermittent internet too - I think it's my computer because I turn on my system and it says "Not available" then I wait for 2 minutes and it comes on. Plus, Shaw says my internet connection has been on for 28 days with no break, and no one else is having this issue. I chose "Repair" on the "little or no connection" icon next to my time, and it says it "repaired" it..... but the issue is still happening. Dunno why.
Glad they gave you a bed to rest in - sure this must be common for those who are wobbly from meds and have to wait for the Dr. Also glad you only have one more chemo to go!!! Go ahead and not get dressed - sometimes you just have to "veg out" and it sounds like now is the time lol
Why can't your dog walker take them for regular run? Is it because he's busy with others, or the rain?

Betty - listen to Ann, no digging holes. Coughing as you still are, you don't need to over-exert yourself and end up coughing worse. Glad you're not going to work........ you need to Not go running around to get to work, at least for a couple more days.

My car is STILL not being worked on..... this is what you get when you ask a "druggie" to do the work. He's good (when he's working), and cheap (just what I need right now), but totally not reliable.

I spoke to my pastor today (after Bible Study) and it looks like I'll be helping him with Pastoral Visits (and I guess one of the elders of our Church - Mary). He thinks I'd be good at it, and I must admit - listening to those who need to vent about their situation is one of my fortes. I used to work for Memorial Gardens and often spoke to those "after need" and "pre-need), and it was a blessed time for me to listen to them and their concerns - past and present. It's an honour to be brought into their most private lives/concerns.
Of course I'll need to get a ride (until my car is fixed) and certainly they would send us as a team (couple of people, I believe). I'm looking forward to this discipleship.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Susan he had to pick up a new boarder who has to be in a crate and there was not enough room for my three. But he arrived early and took them out for about 45 minutes which was great and not much less than normal. Sassy is always on leash anyway and sometimes he has to leash Abby who wanders and does not listen to come back and Bailey who is deaf and wanders and hear to come back! I am fortunate that he still takes them to off leash - a lot of people would not take a deaf dog off leash. Especially as Bailey as always - even when he could hear - been one who wandered along smeling every blade of grass! He didnt mind if they were slow as he is having back issues so enjoyed slow walking! He has been walking Bailey ( and previously Fancy of course) since B was 2 years old - hardly seems 13 years have gone by- we were one of his first customers.

I only got the bed because for some reason no chairs were free, I was actually scheduled for a chair. I like the chairs and can sleep in them but once in a while it is nice to have a bed. They seemed to be quite busy, unusual to be late with appointments. I only see the doctor the start of each cycle, day before , so no meds in me then.


Well, however you got the bed - it Was nice, eh?!
Glad your dog walker has been with the dogs for so long - 13 years does seem to pass quicker than expected - can hardly believe it myself.... He's also able to understand and adjust to their increasing age - he and his back, with them and their slow-down :-)

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Well you can sure tell that there is an EXTRA LARGE full moon on the Earth's agenda for tomorrow night !! MAN .. I have had a night filled with just the WILDEST dreams, in 3D and techno colour LoL
I finally got up so as to not expose my mind to anymore 'mish mash' !!
Sure do hope the BIG moon will be visible on Saturday night .. kinda cloudy here ..

Have 3 funerals to 'hopefully' atttend in the next few days.
Lorna's great Aunt, and , if you can believe it .. 2 colleagues I worked with in excess of 15-20 years ago .. getting to the point I don't want to open the paper !!

Called to have a company come to do an measurement of our driveway, and, give us an estimate to have a product called 'crusher fines' put down .. the person I spoke with told ME to measure it off, call back, and they would then give me the estimate !!! Sheesh .. on the search now for someone with one of those 'walking measuring wheels' !! Perhaps Gord will just pace it off .. thought it was rather poor business practice !! COurse, there is little competition between companies in a small place like Thunder Bay .. this proves it !!

Hope everyone wakened feeling fit and well and ready to face the day with a smile ^_^
I'm trying !!


Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Sharing some of Piper's 2nd BDay pics.
These animals sure keep sunshine in dull days :-)


Thumbnail by MarilynneS Thumbnail by MarilynneS Thumbnail by MarilynneS

yes indeed they do, Marilyn!
btw - is Piper going to eat ALL that cake? do y'think he'd share????
They wouldn't come out to do an estimate and measure for themselves? Geeeeeze - they really Must be busy (and it's bad customer service!)

Well, our mechanic is back, with the clamps installed now, and he wants to put the gas back in the tank - Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"I have CAR!!!"

Victoria Harbour, ON

What I wouldn't give for a piece of that cake, hungering for something sweet! Wow 3 funerals,there will be no more tears left to cry!

You would think they would come and do the measurements themselves as to have enough fines to do a proper job! You got to wonder don't you.

Still fighting this cold, now 2 weeks, ribs are blooming sore from all the coughing.

Carol, never hear of walkers in our area. Am sure there would be a need.

Sister just called to say the vet says one of her American Eskimo's will give birth to 4 if not 5 puppies..she is thrilled!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Yeh Susan, how exciting you have your own wheels back..


siiiiiiiiiiigh - Mechanic's Finished, and my car is my own!!

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Betty dog walking is big business in Calgary. The first company started about 13 years ago - now most of them are individuals. I lucked out when I hired Dean- his sister was a nurse at the hospital and stuck a notice on the bulletin board! He was working for this company originally and then when some of us discovered he was not getting much of the fee we were paying we encouraged him to go on his own. I am one of his original customers. He also boards 'his' dogs and a couple of times he has boarded dogs the rescue has adopted in an emergency. When I was in hospital in March and Joan had my dogs but was going to Hawaii he took the dogs and never charged me! It was Dean who did CPR on Bailey and rushed him to the vet when he went unconscious and then came to get me and take us home again. He also walked a neighbors dog and she had to have the dog euthanized recently and Dean came to the house, carried the dog to the car and into the vet and stayed with her the whole time. Our dogs are his dogs too!


Betty - Calgary is such a Dog's city that they have a separate cost on the bus - same as for adult humans LOL Mind you, this is not the "service" dog rate which is free, but for "regular dogs".
When I first moved to Calgary, and saw the rates on the outside of the bus, I was taken aback. I haven't been on a bus for years, but I don't think Calgarians really take advantage of the fact that dogs are fully accepted on buses. Don't know why that is......

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Dean sounds like a treasure. I have a friend in Calgary who is a 'house cleaner', I'm sure there's some other name for that .. but .. she is such a reliable and trustworthy soul that many of her clients with pets have had her move into their homes while they go away so that their furries are tended to with care.
Here in TBay .. not sound crass .. it's 'dog eat dog' !! Boarding fees are horrendous .. and 'walkers' well .. kind of an anomaly.

COLD here today .. hoping for a bit of a warm up for the 'Hospice Hike' tomorrow .. at least Lorna and myself will be inside at the registration desk.

Saved a piece of cake for everyone :-)


Thumbnail by MarilynneS
Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

I did not have a car when I firt got Bailey and I used to take him on the bus after checking the stores I was going to visit to be sure I could bring him inside. Don't think he was ever too pleased - I think the airbrakes bothered him - ever since he has barked at city buses - no other type - and even now he is deaf he still barks when he sees a city bus.

Hey Marilyn is your house cleaning friend taking new customers? I may be using my cleaner of many years - moving to Vancouver probably in the fall. So I will be on the hunt.

It was raining when I got up to feed the dogs, went back to bed and now up again and it is snowing! Going to a workshop this afternoon on containers- dont really need to go but there were not many people registered so some of us signed up to be sure it was not cancelled. Meeting a friend at a McDonalds nearby first and going to try out a milkshake and fries - I know I can eat fries for some reason they go down fine! We were hoping to sit in the Hort Society garden to eat - guess that plan has changed!

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