Ash-like mold in dirt?

Sierra Vista, AZ(Zone 8a)

I had a plant that died, and I was just digging it up to plant something new and the dirt under the plant looks like ash and is very dry. Is that a mold? And if so, do I need to replace that dirt? Or how do I prevent it from killing the new plant? Or is this normal?


Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Can you post some pictures? If it's dry, it doesn't seem that mold is as likely but it's hard to say what it is without seeing it.

Sierra Vista, AZ(Zone 8a)

Here is a picture.

Thumbnail by dionosaur
Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

Soil naturally contains fungi and micro-organisms - it's completely normal. Fungi feed on dead plant matter. There's no need to replace or alter your soil.

Sierra Vista, AZ(Zone 8a)

Sorry just got a minute to check back. Thank you. I just thought it looked weird and I wanted to know if it was something I needed to watch out for.

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