CLOSED: HUGE Spider... Please help ID!

Fort Myers, FL

This thing looks like a little tarantula! I have never seen a spider even nearly this big in FL (Sarasota area). It scurries quickly, and is just plain awesome. Other than the pics (one near a pencil to demonstrate size, and the other's a great close up... pretty amazing for an iPhone camera!), I don't have much more info to give... I'd love to find out what it is! It just scurried outside through a hole in the screen so it's gone now :( Which is probably for the better, since it blends in SO perfectly with the carpet, I would be scared to walk around the back porch! Thanks everyone :) This is the best ID forum on the web!

Thumbnail by ncaptiva Thumbnail by ncaptiva
Minot, ND

Wolf spider -

Fort Myers, FL

No way..... wow, I thought Wolf Spider right away, and then thought since it didn't have the pattern I'm used to seeing (plus, I've never seen one nearly this thick), I ruled it out. Thanks so much! I love wolf spiders :)

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