Growing Rhubarb in Containers

Washington, DC(Zone 7a)

Hello all! With my massive success over the last few years of growing raspberries and so many other things in containers, I thought I'd try my hand at rhubarb. It's practically impossible to kill, right?

I don't think it needs an EB (like the rest of my garden) but I'm not sure if a 5 gallon will be big enough for it.

Has anyone else grown it in a container, or what would you suggest? I only have one crown, so I don't want to kill it, and it's a Canada Red variety. Thanks!

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Dolan Springs, AZ(Zone 9a)

Some friends of mine, an older man who has had a stroke which has slightly physically handicapped him, and his wife raise all their garden in tires, and they have successfully raised rhubarb for several years. The tires are black, and it's in SoCal, so I don't think keeping the roots cool is necessary. I'm sure the tires hold more than 5 gallons, but I don't know how important that extra space is.
Hopefully somebody will have some better info for you!

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