Digging up, transplanting and discarding perennials

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

This morning I have dug up liastris, pinks, malva Zebrina, "Becky" shasta daisies. Discarded "Becky" shasta daisies in yard waste bag..I have some other shastas that are shorter(Alaska, Snow Lady and Silver Princess.) Becky got to tall and needed to have support and I don't need that kind. It looks like we will have this cloudy, overcast type all day..sprinkling off/on. Not going to get as much accomplished as I had wanted to do.

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

The sun is finally coming out, and the temps are rising. YEH! Any columbine experts out there? The leaves of my columbine are not a bright and healthy green, like they should be. I'm wondering if it could be from Liquid fence ? (deer spray) Most are blooming now. Do you think a doze of Miracle Grow liquid food would turn those leaves back to a healthy, green color?

Today I went to my favorite garden center and fell in love...with a beautiful penstemon plant. They had just unloaded the truck and had put a bunch of these beautiful specimens that I didn't know what it was and a hand truck was in my way to get over close enough to look at the tag. My favorite employee there happen to walk by and I asked him and he reached over for the plant tag ID..and told me and a stem broke off as he was setting the pot back down in a hurry, and he just kind of threw it on a pile. I asked if I could have it and try to root it..asked me if I had any rootone? That stem was going home with me..I've heard some gardeners on this website rave about penstemon and I can see why..are they hardy flowers? This one was like in a pink/purple color. I thought it almost look like Spanish bluebells but not blue, that's why I asked. The garden center was full of new plants today..so tempting but I just don't have any more room..But I just stuck that penstemon stem in potting mix..wish me luck! Will do some research on that plant.

Williamstown, NJ(Zone 6b)

Are they the kind of Shasta Daisy's that spreads? I had some that I had to dig up because they were taking over the bed. I had wanted to do more outside today while I was off, but the rain and mist, kept me inside and then to the grocery store. Ba Hum Bug. I wanted to get so much done.

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

Yes, they do spread and a hard beating rain didn't help, as they flopped and never did recover, so I cut them back to the basal plant and dug them up and gave them to another gardener friend who wanted them. She can look at a plant and it will grow for her! Somebody even mentioned that they may not get enough sun and that's why they were so floppy, but the area where they were planted gets the morning sun and mid afternoon. I guess the secret is shorter varieties or put a plant growth ring over them when they are just starting to grow and let them grow inside the plant ring for support?

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