I need serious help with my Japanese Red Maple

Wellborn, FL

This 5-6 foot tree was glorious last year - this year finally sending out some large green leaves. It was planted in rich, well drained, moist soil. The branches are still pliable and some have tiny, tiny buds but the top branches have no leaves, either red or green. Any ideas?
Thank you

Wellborn, FL

Oops - forgot to mention that it's a bloodgood maple

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Cant help you with the named type called Bloodgood, can only give guidence for all the Maples as general info. They like a slight acidic soil with plenty leaf mold added, they also like moisture but free draining, (that means soil that will hold a little moisture (hence the leafmold) but not soil that stays wet.
To get the best colour, give an area where there is good light but maybe not long periods of direct sun all day.

As for the Bloodgood, find out IF this type has green leaves that turn RED in autumn or is it a type that has red leaves always, if red leaves are the norm you need to modify the growing conditions as the green leaves mean the tree is reverting back to the parent or type it was crossed with way back.

IF the tree is type that has nice green leaf from bud and then turns Red come cooler autumn then I would just give a feed for acidic plants half strength as directed by the manufactors. make sure there is enough water geting to the roots by maybe digging a hole or 2 close to the root area, cut the bottom off clear plastic juice bottle, remove the stopper and set the bottle into the holes you made with the stopper end down, back fill the holes and when you water, fill the plastic bottles up several times, this allows water to reach the roots rather than run off the top of the soil when it gets a hard crust on it from the warmer sun. it's a good way to add plant food too as this never usually reaches the roots either.
Hope this helps you a bit but, maybe someone else will come in and help some too.
Good luck. WeeNel.

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