Dollar AV's

Montgomery, AL

Here's a list of non-blooming starter AV's in solo cups for a dollar each.You'd just need to add the shipping charge for that, which I can email to you when I know how many you'd want. I'm going to ship in a #7 USPS box because it'll be cheaper than flat rate and fit more plants. I can add a confirmation number( tracking) for 75 cents more, if you'd like. Email me with any requests at I'll then email back with total cost, with the shipping charge. You can pay me through paypal and I'll send it to you. Maybe ya'll can help me reduce my collection. Thanks for looking!

Allegro Watermelon ruffles 2, Anna Kreeck 2, Arapahoe 5, Buckeye Butterflies 6, Buckeye Colossal 4, Buckeye Cranberry Sparkler 3, Buffalo Hunt 1, China Pink1, Cupid's Kiss 3, Comfort Zone 4, Ellen 1(maybe a rhapsodie), Funny Bunny, Fire n' Ice 2, Fickle Flirt 2, Fredette's Paradise 2, Guelph's Dynamite 4, Guardian Angel, Heritage Frolic 1, Irish Glen 1, Jolly Fairy 3, Jolly Dear 1, Jazzy Jewel 1, Lyon's Magic Charm 2, Ma's Prince Froggie 1, Ma's Corsage 1, Mardi gras Madness 3, Mellow Sunshine 4, Naturally New Orleans 2, Newton's Quiet Resolve 1, Optimara My Desire 2, Optimara Little Ottawa 6, Optimara Trinidad1, Optimara Little Opal1, Optimara Little Aquamarine 1, Optimara Little Aztec girl, Opera's Romeo 3, Power Pak1, Plumbery Glow 1, Phobos 4 , Pink Duchess2, Pretty Miss Kelly 1, Rumba Red 3, S. Grotei 3, Tea's Blueberry Butterly 2, Tiger's Son 3, Wrangler's Lounge Lizard 7, Wild Irish Rose 3,

Allan's Fallen Angel 3, Brazo's Bells 2, Lil' Runaround 2, Pacific Pearl 3, Ramblin' Amethyst 6, Yesterday's Child 4

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