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SOLVED: someone please tell me what tree this is!!

Oklahoma City, OK

I've never seen a tree like this before I bought this house.. neither has anyone else I know! It's driving me crazy. I'm in zone 7a I believe, maybe 7b. there's a picture of a medium sized leaf, some of the bigger ones have four lobes. there's one mature tree and three young ones.

Thumbnail by jenny103 Thumbnail by jenny103 Thumbnail by jenny103
Bridgewater, MA(Zone 6b)

One of the mulberries. A Morus.

Charlotte, NC(Zone 8a)

Maybe a Parasol tree?

Pocola, OK(Zone 7a)

I just identified one in my own yard and the leaf looks like that one. Red Mulberry, I believe.

Thumbnail by cherishlife
Paradise, CA(Zone 9a)

It could be a Mulberry, the leaves certainly look right, but the green trunks and height of the saplings is throwing me off a bit... Maybe they're root suckers rather than saplings?

If it is one of the Mulberries, it could be either M. rubra or M. alba, hard to tell at this point. Morus rubra is native to North America, while Morus alba was introduced from China as food for silkworms over 200 years ago, but both are very similar and can easily hybridize (and have for over 200 years now). If a tree is not a hybrid, the best way to differentiate between the two species is that Morus alba blooms white (hence the name) and Morus rubra blooms are green and barely noticable. Hybrids may bloom in either color. Also, the leaves of M. alba are rather shiny, while the leaves of M. rubra are somewhat dull. Again, hybrids can go in either direction though. Here are images of both:

M. alba:
M. rubra:

Oklahoma City, OK

Thank you so much. It is a chinese parasol.

Paradise, CA(Zone 9a)

Yes, Firmiana simplex does seem to be a better match for the bark of your plants :).

Pocola, OK(Zone 7a)

You are correct! I should have taken a closer look, but I was looking at the shape of the leaf. I should know better than that by now. The veins in my mulberry leaf and your parosol leaf are very different.

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