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Is it too wet to plant my bare roots?

Keota, IA

I bought 22 bare roots honey suckle shrubs for a hedge. I have them in water, it rain almost every day and the ground is wet and a little muddy. The bare roots are already growing leafs. What should I do? there is one or two days next week in which there is very little chance of rain. Please advice. I am in Zone 5 A-B


Greenfield, OH(Zone 6a)

"Mudding in" is highly recommended by some experienced arborists that I have spoken with and have had success using it to plant white pine, spruce and walnut.
I can't say for sure about honeysuckle but I'm betting you could do the same.
Another option I have done with success is to pot-up my bare roots until the ground is perfect.
If you have any old plant pots or buckets, just add potting mix and plant the honeysuckle. Take care of it like you would any container plant until you can transplant it .

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