Spice Zee Nectaplum

Needville, TX(Zone 9a)

Does anyone have a Spice Zee Nectaplum? I have had one for 3 years. Mine is out in open, full sun, and does not seem to like it. It dies back in the summer. It does flower and leaf out but only on the surviving limbs.
I would like to know if any one has one in full sun doing ok?
Does anyone have one doing Great? If so, what is the sun/heat conditions?

Is Spice Zee the best of the plum x nectarine(or peach) crosses? Has any one tasted the others, such as Tri-Lite, or even the peach/plum/apricot crosses? Maybe I'll try one of those.

I live in zn 9a (SW of Houston)

La Grange, TX(Zone 8b)

What kind of care have you been giving it? Water? Fertilizer? Any pests that you can see? It only needs between 200 and 300 chill hours. Does your area meet that requirement? It may not be getting enough water. If it doesn't get fertilized late winter, early spring, it may not form enough leaf cover for its tender branches. A bad sun burn which kills the cambium could be the result.

The droughts of the last few years has forced me to water my fruit trees in a circle well beyond the crown's drip line for hours at a time and at least once a week. That's what it took to keep the trees' roots from losing what moisture they received to the surrounding bone dry areas. Even then only my large mature trees survived. The small fruit trees I had planted in the last year or two just didn't have a large enough root system to survive the drought and the once a week water schedule.

From what I have read about the Nectaplum, it sounds like the fruit tree to have. I know nectarines are not recommended for Texas, but I don't know about nectarine hybrids. I have a pluot that is growing well although some of the leaves get attacked by insects. You have some great resources in Houston:

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