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Wake Forest, NC

OK, Jeanette, you're up next! :-)

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

:0) Here I am!! Jeanette

Pelzer, SC(Zone 7b)

Just so I don't get lost again....

Dahlonega, GA

Me too .

Hornick, IA(Zone 4b)

Hey J . I decided to let you go first, no sense upsetting the apple cart, right?
I visited early but waited.
My tomato starts are about ready, but I still have to make my lids for the tubs for my trashcan garden. These darn headaches are hard to work around. But I'm trying to get a handle on them so they don't keep me out of the garden.

Dahlonega, GA

Headaches ? Russ ! I can't handle those . How are you and Barb doing ? Have you seen the DR. about the headaches ?

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

You are a gentleman Russ. Thank you. LOL you're silly. Don't wait for me!!

Digger is sooooo right Russ. Get your butt to the dr. and find out what is going on. How is Barb's eyesight doing? Is there anything she can do to slow it down?

I still don't have any of the stuff I need other than the seeds, for the trash can cukes. I do have the seeds. Oh, and the trash can. Have to get the right fertilizer, nutrients.

Hornick, IA(Zone 4b)

Yes been to Dr. reffered to specialist. also getting lined up for sleep study. Still taking antibiotics for sinus infection. Went to the hospital the other evening, intending on getting a hypo or something to relieve the pain. but thankfully it had slacked off by the time we got there. Decided to see the Dr. anyway since we made the trip. She did come up with some conclusion that they could be Cluster Headaches, an there is meds that can possibly ease them somewhat.

The shots tend to slow the MD. but Barb don't feel she should drive in the city anymore, as she has lost too much to identify some objects until really close. and forget reading signs altho she does recognize their shapes.
I don't have my cuke seeds yet but I have plenty tomato plants. No S/P slips yet guess I'll have to order some, as I only have two tubers that are trying but they aren't making it.
I have a row of regular potatoes in. That should be enough work digging them up this fall.
I've been harvesting rhubarb and getting fat on crisp and pies.
Digger did you rhubarb continue to grow this year? Or just give up.

Dahlonega, GA

It comes back every year but doesn't get any bigger . It will go away in another month , then come back next spring .Oh well , that's why God give us grocery stores . ( If they carried it in this area )

Wake Forest, NC

Russ: read this in the People's Pharmacy awhile back and thought about you when you mentioned your headaches.

Hornick, IA(Zone 4b)

Thanks Kent; It won't hurt to try that. Only thing is I know that these are not migraines. I have had many of those and a cold wash cloth on the back of the neck helped a little with those, kind of depended on how soon I could get some asprin down or how sick I got first.
These are always in the same spot and it feels like a hot railroad spike in my head, and it intensifies from there. Barb and I were in town today and one hit. I downed two asprin and and a clerk who claimed to be an Aid said to drink a coke. She was explaining about the caffiene in the coke helps. Well I did it but I still had to get to a point where there was little or no traffic and have Barb drive home. With her macular problem she won't drive in the city. At the time I would have been a worse choice to drive that distance. I know she didn't go over 50. But about 3 hours later I am feeling better. I used an ice pac on my neck and laid down with a fan on me. I'm still not 100% but it's bearable.
That could be a good excuse for a dish of ice cream though. lol

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Russ, they have me taking the Preservision vitamins (without fail) but not sure if it is because of the interocular surgery, or because of my MD. But they did specify no vitamin A. Bauch and Lome produces both. with and without.

Dahlonega, GA

I am not trying to be funny , far from it , but years ago , my Dr told me I could live with migraines that sent me to the emergency room , and always started on Friday , or I could divorce them . After another year of suffering from them , I divorced him . Stress can trigger them and I wish I'd known about the ice cream then .Short of a bullet in the head , nothing relieved the pain . They were always on the right side of my head , from the temple straight up to the center of my skull , and with each heartbeat , the pain was there .
Russ , maybe you have sinus or stress , whatever , just hope you find the ice cream works for you . God bless .

Hornick, IA(Zone 4b)

Hey; I'll try ice cream weather it works or not. lol
I can understand that kind of headache too. My sister in law has been divorced for many years now. He to went to truck driving. even brought something home to her; Not Appreciated.
No These headaches really get in the way with everyday things. Heat and weather contribute to them too but I don't plan to move to Alaska ha ha
Part of the problem may be a sinus infection but I'm not sure. Dr. says I have that and am treating it, or have been for a little over a month now. What really bothers me is I don't dare go off very long which interferes with fishing, haven't gone out picking up cans for a little over a month now either. Mowed the lawn yesterday before going to town to get meds. had to have Barb to drive home and it was a doozzy. Keep me in your prayers and I'm sure I will find an end to the really nasty ones.
Was going to make lids this afternoon for those tubs but decided to work on a fence for about half hour, and decided that was enough.
I've got a row of potatoes showing pretty good leaves almost getting bushy.

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Russ, if it is any consolation, even with your headaches you are getting more done than I am.

I am just waiting on the weather to move on with my planting. It will still be a couple of weeks. Think I will get some remay just in case when I do put things outside.

Sure am sorry about the headaches. That has got to be a rip. I have a friend that had them for years and I am not sure if she still has them or not. I will email her and ask, and if not I will ask her what she did for them and let you know.

I have a feeling it is stress. She was a bank teller and would you believe she was held up 3 times??? Yup, sounds suspicious doesn't it? But, nope, the feds couldn't find it was her fault. Maybe that was her headaches? Then she met a good guy and got married. LOL, will let you know.

Dahlonega, GA

Mine was a controlling guy . I never did anything right . I can look back now and see it , because I was so young when I married , I didn't know any better . Boy , no one can say I'm a wimp now , he was a good teacher about what not to put up with Anything , from Anyone that tries to control me . That's why I went into my own business , can't take orders from a (boss) . Much more mellow now , all things come with age and experience .
I probably shouldn't send this , but will anyway .

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Why not Sally? That's life. Everyone learns something right or wrong.

Well, the weather looks great today so am finally going to get outside to work in the yard. It has been raining every day or too cold. Got about 2 or 3 weeks yet before I can plant my tomatoes. Then will get some Remay to use. I lost my tomatoes last year the night I put them out, they froze and I had dto go buy more.

Warrenton, NC

Hello Everyone! My internet has been down for a month or so with a few minutes on here & there so I have reading to catch up on I'm sure... My SBG is doing pretty good so far (planted last week) but something is eating the leaves off my pepper plants and I now have tiny red bugs everywhere.. looks like little red spiders???...Tomatoes doing great, have green beans coming up.. squash is good except for the 2 the squirrels sat on while eating their lunch... Giving grass a haircut now & then and mushrooms popping up all around with all the rain we've had recently.. ANy idea on what to do about the bugs or what is eating the leaves off my pepper plants? leaves are just laying there.. Will post pics soon..

Warrenton, NC

This my SBG now.. On the left - green beans, peppers at the very end. Middle - Zucchini & yellow squash. On the right - tomatoes with cucumbers in the front. Broke down and sprinkled 7dust today.. something was eating the leaves off my pepper plants...

Thumbnail by JaxGma
Dahlonega, GA

Nice !

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Lookin' good.

Warrenton, NC

And I see what you mean by all the mushrooms! I've never seen so many in all my life! LOL!! And so many different kinds...

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Really!! I only got one kind. Wonder what and why you are getting so many.

Wake Forest, NC

JaxGma: your garden looks good.

You may have to buy some lady bugs to help with the "bad" bug population. I don't use Sevin dust/spray any more. Google "spider mites" for suggestions.


Rocky Point, NC

Newbie here... Just found this site and love the threads! We (mainly me) have been gardening traditionally for many years. I garden as a small business, selling veggies and seed. 2 years ago we started experimenting with other ways to garden, and I want to try this. I'm going to use SBG for a few fall/winter plants this year. We also have a small aquaponics system (like hydro, but no chemicals) and as we can, we are implementing containers into our growing space (I hate the weeds!).
Thanks for all the info and ideas!

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Hey jinxi, what do you mean you do hydroponics (aquaponics) with no chemicals. What feeds the plants, and what kind of plants do you grow that way? What kind of containers do you have them in? I am really interested in this.

Rocky Point, NC

@ Jnette, I grow tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, cukes, just about anything... here is a couple of pics, one grow bed with my 9yr old grandson, beside my tomatoes that wintered over with the system offline and no heat. The other is leaf lettuce and spinach that I sowed in about 6 wks ago. The spinach quickly went to seed, because the water warmed up so fast. We have had almost no real winter this past yr and then several frosts after planting the tomatoes and peppers.

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Thumbnail by jinxi Thumbnail by jinxi
Rocky Point, NC

@ Jnette, What feeds the plants is worms in the beds. What feeds the worms is a fish tank recycling the water thru. I have brim, perch, and bait fish, so I have a few fresh veggies and fish to eat year round. We use 250 gal recycled water totes, cut in half to make 2 grow beds. We are going to try trout this winter. Added a couple more pics. One is the same tomatoes (overwintered) taken 3/3/12. The second shows more of the grow beds. I was using them to harden off my 270 tomato and 210 pepper plants. The rest are of my partially finished "container" garden. My husband left to go back overseas (working in Afghanistan) before we could get all the containers in.

Thumbnail by jinxi Thumbnail by jinxi Thumbnail by jinxi Thumbnail by jinxi Thumbnail by jinxi
Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Sounds like you have a lot of work there lady. And a good setup. Fish too!! Good for you.

Hornick, IA(Zone 4b)

Sounds great, I already have some real pooppers, Koi and the pond has mostly been let go so should have plenty of nutrients for some plants to clean up. I read something like that before but I never got it together. Having some health issues at present so not sure if I can get it working right away, but sounds very good. For now just watching.My water lilies do well in the pond so why not tomatoes and cucumbers.

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Betcha it would be great!! Try it! Then post those pictures of the huge produce you will be selling at Gary's. LOL

Dahlonega, GA

Water from the pond is great for plants .

Wake Forest, NC

Today I finally got to meet another DG'er - Horseshoe Griffin, whose Moondance Farms is located just outside historic Hillsborough, NC.

With such a beautiful day, I decided to jump on the Hog and see if I could catch Shoe at home.

Luckily, he had just gotten back from selling at the local farmers market in Hillsborough where he is a local icon.

I have been "talking" with Shoe for several years now on DG and it was a pleasure to finally meet him in person. His beautiful daughter volunteered to take a few pics.

We swapped a few plants and I got a short tour of the farm.

Hey, Shoe, now that I know how to get there, I hope to see you again, soon!

Thumbnail by KentNC Thumbnail by KentNC
Dahlonega, GA

I wondered what he looked like .Looks like a busy man . Good picture of you both . One good looking bike too .

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Great picture. Shoe is such a lot of help to us all. He actually got me tomatoes last year!! Best tomatoes I have ever grown here.

Good pix of both of you. Looks like a beautiful day for a ride too.

Warrenton, NC

Hello everyone!
I just got home from a week in the mountains to yellowing leaves on my squash. I picked one and squished down the limb but no sign of bacteria infection.. no bugs that I can see.. nitrogen deficiency?

Thumbnail by JaxGma
Pelzer, SC(Zone 7b)

Boy, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for THAT meeting! Two of my favorite gurus in one place...

Oh, the things I could learn :)

Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

Mornin', Folks!

What an out-of-the-blue surprise that visit was! And po' Kent was nearly scared to death when he arrived, not sure if he was at the right place, out in the country and expecting 50 wild dogs to come attacking followed by someone with a shotgun in hand! Hah! He was telling me and DD he parked his bike next to a particular tree so he could shimmy up it if needed! :>)

I heard a noise in the main driveway and went to check it out. At first all I saw was a beautiful Harley, some guy in jeans and black t-shirt with a doorag on his head, then saw a few potted plants on the ground by the Harley. Seeing those plants I knew "this guy's okay". Then he sees me and shouts his name and I KNEW all was fine!

Ya'll will be blessed when/if you ever meet Kent in person, you won't meet a nicer guy!
Although I was running on low energy level at the time (due to a late night Friday getting ready for mkt followed by entirely too early of a day Saturday and hours of "extroverting" with customers) within minutes of talking to him I was revived and wondering why he couldn't stay longer. I think he just wanted to ride that purty Harley some more!

Next time he'll need to put some bigger saddlebags on the bike so he can take home more plants.

Thanks, Kent, for the pepper plants you brought. I've cleaned out two more raised beds since you were here so just might get them planted before the day is over!

Howdy digger, Jnette(!), catmad! So this is where all the cool folks hang out, eh? :>)

Jax---regarding your yellowing leaves, if those are the lower most leaves they are most likely the cotyledons and will yellow by nature and no worries. The rest of your leaves look nice and green so unless you see squash bugs I think your plant will be fine. A little fish emulsion is a kindness to your plants though, kinda like chicken soup for a human, "it couldn't hurt!"

Happy Memorial Day to all!

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Dahlonega, GA

Come back and visit ,often . From what I've read on other threads , you can give us some mighty good direction on our "stuff". You , Kent , and Doug have so much to offer as have so many others on this forum and thread

South Eastern, NC(Zone 8a)

Well it has been a while but I stated back in April I would post updates to my first attempt at strawbale and container gardening. Attached are the first pic I posted in April and a pic I took about a week ago. Things are progressing nicely and I am happy so far with the results.

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