Ginger Peach

Ottawa, Canada

What do you think?

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Georgetown, TX(Zone 8a)

It looks nice in the photo. Georgia Peach has been a favorite of mine. Do you know how this compares to that one? It looks pretty similar.

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

I think it is lovely. I do hae Georgia Peach, and it is pretty sturdy. I almost killed it last year in the division process, but it wintered well and is looking good.

So far all the Heucheras I've seen so far have had outstanding color, so I hope that's a good omen.

Ottawa, Canada

Peeper, I bought Georgia Peach late last summer. It overwintered well but isn't a big plant yet. It's not in the same bed but I will take pictures later for comparison. Cathy I'm sorry about your fern peony. Is it getting enough sun. From what I've read it needs 6 hours.

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Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

Thanks, Ira. I'm not sure what the deal is with the fern leaf peony as it does get several hours of sun. It would have flowered by now, and everything is starting to get big around it.

Good news on the Georgia Peach front. When I divided her into three last summer, I thought the baby died. When check on this morning, she was doing great and so were her sisters. Seems a bit like Ginger Peach but with rounded lobes.

The weather turned sharply into a summery weekend. Lots of work, but everything is looking good. It went from brrrr to wow is it hot in only a few hours.

Enjoy the weekend; I'm guessing Ottawa's a bit cooler. We tend to be about 5 degrees warmer than Toronto.


Ottawa, Canada

Marcia, did you buy your fern peony as a bare root or in a container? My fern peony was flowering when I bought it in a container. The planting instructions stated that the upper eyes have to be planted 2 inches below ground level if the plant is a bare root. Could you have planted your peony either too low or too high? Because my peony was blooming I planted it at the same level as in the pot. Hope mine survives and blooms next year.

Good news about your 'Georgia Peach'.

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Ottawa, Canada

I tried to capture all the lovely subtle colours in 'Ginger Peach'. I'm not sure I succeded.

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Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

The former owner planted the fern-leaf peony, three of the tree peonies and all the double peonies. I've never seen on for purchase around here. After 20 years in a condo, it was the impetus to return to my favorite outdoor sport, gardening. That was 7 years ago, and I've really altered the gardens a lot. I've added about 20 peonies, almost all bare roots. If they did not perform after a couple of years, I moved them to a sunnier bed or raised them. I'm just thinking that my husband may have altered the depth of the ferny by dumping dirt on top (he does stuff like that).

Now that it has stopped raining and the night lows are 60 degrees and above, there is not much to hold me back. At the garden center this afternoon I saw a beautiful Ginger Peach Heuchera, ablaze with color. Unfortunately she was $16.99, so I'll have to look further. Around here, different kinds of nurseries carry different lines of plants. Heucheras and Coleuses take up a large part of the yard, but I hate to spend more than 8 dollars.

Up until about 3 weeks ago, all the Heuchera plants were that peachy color. Today I noticed the Caramel has taken on that golden hue, Miracle is turning more green and they are all sending spikes to bloom, enjoying the warm spring weather. It is hard to capture exact colors. Cameras vary, lighting varies and so do monitors, and that's why it is so hard to truly identify certain plants by their flowers. Your Ginger Peach has a bit of a "glow." Over the next year you'll see lots of changes. If you don't document them with photographs, you may not remember.

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