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This should not be in my ice! Help!

Corpus Christi, TX


All of a sudden my ice has begun to have sand in the cubes. The refrigerator is about 4-5 years old and Ive changed the filter within the past 2 weeks. The water is fine, no sand.

Anyone know what is causing this and how to fix it?

Please let me know if I left out some important information.

Thank you,

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Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

What kind of refrigerator is this? Did you have the problem before you changed the filter? Do you have water service as well a ice service with this refrigerator? How old is your house? Did you have ice service with the refrigerator before this one? What are the model and serial number of the refrigerator?

You need to provide a lot more info. How long have you had the problem? The pictures are definitely not ice cubes; what are they? What are they? Don't use this ice until you know what is going on!

(Zone 9a)

A few years ago we had a somewhat similar problem. It was not sand but just gunk in the ice and water, it was ugly and brown and smelled horrible. We have municiple water and the company came and checked out our water supply which was fine. Our repair person did a bit of research online and discovered some of the hoses that were originally provided with refregerators were deteriorating. I cannot remember now if it was the hose that went from the wall to the fridge or the next one that goes to the icemaker itself but, sure enough, when it was replaced the problem cleared up. We could see (and smell, ugh) where the lining of the old hose was breaking down when it was taken out, it was actually slimy.

Our appliance is a lot older than yours, it is a 2000 GE, so it is probably not the same issue but replacing the hoses is an inexpensive repair to try. Good luck.

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

You may realize why I ask so many questions. That water goes through a lot of places from beginning to end, and you have to be a detective to solve the problem.

Belleville , IL(Zone 6b)

Looks like a finger with a fingernail on it. Is this a joke? YUK!

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