divided but wiltd n flopd

manchester, United Kingdom

My friend has divided a plant for me which last year had tall white round flowers which i thought was Astilbe. Ive potted it up into pretty big pot and its got many roots but its flopped. Should i chop it down or wait? Its been 3 days and its been watered enough. I thought it was Astilbe family but i doubt it now. Each stem has one leaf at top and leaves look like Geranium but defo not. Should i wait for it to revive or have i done something wrong? The mother plant is fine so why has this flopped so much? Any idea on type? Link to photo is http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6999230514/in/photostream

La Vergne, TN

it's not an astilbe, but i can't tell what it is. does your friends plant have leaves that stay up

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Probably just a bit of transplant shock. Dividing and repotting can be stressful so give it a little time and it should bounce back. But also check that you're not watering it too much, that is also easy to do and can cause the same symptoms. And I don't know where you have the plant now but I'd keep it somewhere with bright but indirect light (no direct sun) for a little while until it recovers a bit.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Looked at the pic's you sent in, some looked like Christmas rose (Helleborus) but maybe you sent pic's of all different plants so can you confirm whaich pic is the plant in question OR are they all the same plant ????.

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