Well.......I'm back!!

Kittrell, NC(Zone 7b)

Yes, it sure has been awhile. Health issues have prevented me from growing wonderful brugs.

I still see that some of my old friends are still here! Doris....how are you? Did you ever get a "Brittany" ? Veronica, I have been reading that you have had health problems also. Hoping you get your problems behind you very soon. Alice, so nice to see you after all of this time. Would you believe the one brug that has made it all of these years is Bad Angel. Finger are crossed that she comes back again this year. So many others!! It's so good to be back!!

Off to ebay to try and get back in the swing of things!!


La Grange, TX(Zone 8b)

Welcome back! I'm so glad you health issues are behind you as are mine. I hope!

I don't recognize most of the current Brug sellers on e-bay. Alice Harris (beloved) and Fred (sommergardens) also have their own on-line Brug nursery. Fred is still working on his, but on line sales should be up and running sometime later this month.

Liz (arghyagardens) only sells on e-bay.

These 3 will send you what you pay for.

I'm having to re-build my collection as well. What with the extreme drought last year and my back surgery, I lost over 75 Brugs.

Kittrell, NC(Zone 7b)

Veronica, it so good to hear from you!! I have found Fred's website and registered with him. Alice has a wonderful website also. I bought some seeds from Liz last week.......little heads are already popping up. I'm so excitied about this coming season.
You just take care of that back, it's nothing to fool with that's for sure!
Any that I get and you need cuttings, you know that they are yours!

Hope Mills, NC

Vaskirt is Edna and you'll get great plants from her. Also MKB is Margo from BGI (Brugmansia Growers International) and a good seller. I wish I could remember all of them at this moment. I am a BGI member and I strongly encourage anyone interested in brugs to join. We have free seed and pollen bank and lots of swappers. There is also a list of BGI ebay sellers there also.

I've purchased from all of the above and Liz and Fred and all great sellers.

Eddiedewayne is an old time BGI member who I haven't purchased from because he took a break when I started but I've heard nothing but good things.

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