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Did I poison my vegetable plants

Cathan, WA

I' m a new Gardner my plants had big holes in them and little tiny looking bugs with wings. I used Cory's insect killer. It's a dust that you dust on the effected areas I found out it shoulnt get on your plants and it did. I thought the more the better now I think I might of made a big mistake. This happened several hrs ago

Russell, KY(Zone 6b)

Read the label on the product you used.
What are the ingredients??

Never ever ever use anything on anything unless you have a 100% CLEAR ID of the bug/problem in question and have researched the product you are thinking about using.
Knee jerk reactions nearly always cause more trouble that doing nothing.
And on food vegetables that goes triple.

Now.... those ingredients???

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

I'm assuming it is spelled Corry's. From looking at the label it looks like the reason you don't put it on fruit and vegetable plants is not because it will hurt the plant, but because it will hurt you. They recommend to apply it working backwards so you don't come in contact with it.

If the little tiny looking bugs with wings are the cause of your damage, then it looks like you used the wrong product. The listed bugs it kills are earwigs, sowbugs, cutworms, crickets, grasshoppers, ants armyworms, millipedes, pillbugs, darkling beetles, slugs and snails.

It also goes on under environmental hazards

This product is extremely toxic to aquatic and estuarine invertabrates. For terrestrial uses, do not apply to directly to water, or to areas where surface water is present or to intertidal areas below the mean high water mark.

It may kill what is eating your plant but it will kill a whole lot more.

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Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Tribalelder, you have shown a good lesson to all new gardeners who think that one killer will work on killing everything in sight that moves, crawls, or nibbles. As mentioned by Doug, you are endagering yourself AND others not to mention the good bugs in the garden by just tossing poisons on your garden and then to add even stronger doses than manufacturers have given as guides is really dangerous.

I truly hope lots of people read your question / thread, and take note of the dangers of chemicals we use in the garden especially close to food plants. We should never use these UNLESS we are sure they are fit for the purpose they are made to kill / cure, The truth is, sometimes we really just have to work on weeding, bug clearing etc without chemicals, my own personal oppinion for what it's worth is, chemicals make for lazy gardeners and should only be used once we recognise the bug, disease, or soil problems and have tried everything else to cure the problem.

There is nothing wrong with some chemicals as long as you read the instuctions first AND what the contents are in the chemicals, if unsure, always double check what can go wrong if the chemical gets onto skin, eyes, or food. Is it too risky for humans, animals, Ask, is it dangerous to children if they come into contact, if the answer to all this is yes, you would be very unwise to use it around the garden or even stored in your home etc

Please dont think of this as a lecture, I am always very worried when gardsen stores are selling stuff over the counter and yet if this was happening in a pharmacy, (selling Chemicals) there would be an outrage from the government.

I would like ALL garden stores to have a seperate counter where the customer was able to go and tell A Trained assistant what the problem was and THEN be given safe advice and cure to try.
ALL chemicals we use in the garden are sent eventually to our rivers and waterways as when it rains, this causes run off and we are slowly poisening our waterways by using so many different chemicals and unused drugs being washed down sink or WC, it eventually reaches river, sea or waterway without us realising this.

Hope this has enlightened some people to the overuse or unnessesary use of chemicals and we all think twice about HOW we use them.
Good luck, WeeNel..

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

ALWAYS read and follow label directions BEFORE using a product. ALWAYS.

The late Ralph Snodsmith was adamant about that and I agree.

Palmerton, PA(Zone 6a)

Thanks to these kinds of problems and answers it makes me remember that when I bought this land in 1980's I decided I'd better not ever put anything on the garden and land that remotely would be bad for the environment. But then too I have a constant reminder because I live up near the top of the mountain and when I drive down my street there are 3 fields with a stream of water runoff that the cows in one and the horses in the last 2 have to drink from that stream of water because there are no tanks with water provided from wells, just water that we all above can kill off their animals by what we add to our land!

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