Need some help in the San Diego area

mulege, Mexico

Hi - Sometime in June or July I'll be having knee replacement surgery at Kaiser in San Diego. I'm looking for someone who can see me home after the surgery and perhaps check in on me for a few days. I live alone and don't know many people here as I spend a lot of time traveling. Please D-mail me if you can hlep or know someone who can.

Thanks, katie

Temecula, CA(Zone 8b)

hiya katiebear,

I'm sorry, I just saw this as I let my DG subscription slip a bit..... 2 years of a bit..... but just wanted to check in and see if you are okay after surgery?

mulege, Mexico

After doing the Kaiseer schuffle for months, they called today and I'm scheduled for surgery on August 14. I will be in the hospital for a few days and then won't be able to drive for a couple of weeks. I have sufficient resources to pay for help. Please Dmal me if interested. Don't want to post details of my situation.

thanks, katie

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