ID star-shaped leaf with purple flowers on plume: perennial

Pittsburgh, PA

I have a perennial in the garden of my new home. It has star-shaped leaves--shown next to the california poppy in the photo. Though the photo does not show it, the plant now has a stalk (curved plume) with purple flowers on it.

Any help with an ID would be much appreciated.

Thumbnail by supriyakumar
(Zone 7a)

Can you show us the flowers?

Vaughan, ON(Zone 5b)

Is it a lupine perhaps? Like:

(Zone 7a)

That was my thought but I need to see flowers to be sure.

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

My 1st thought too, looks like Lupine foliage

Pittsburgh, PA

Thanks! Yes, it's lupin. Here're pictures of the flowers.

Thumbnail by supriyakumar Thumbnail by supriyakumar
Pittsburgh, PA

Are the seeds of this plant edible?

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