Which vegetables grow well in sandy Soil ?

Maple, ON

Hi The east Side of my garden is mostly sand .the rest of it is dark beautiful soil .also the sandy side gets sun in the afternoon.

Russell, KY(Zone 6b)

If it is "mostly sand" you will need to amend- get busy adding organic matter.
Have you started your compost pile yet?
Because it's gonna be your new best friend!

Latrobe, PA

Vine crops seem to grow good in sandy soil! Mix some strained clay with the sandy soil!

Central Texas, TX(Zone 8b)

I have had good luck with melons in the past. Not sure if they grow well in Canada though.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I cant think of many veg that will grow well in mostly sandy soil, as mentiond earlier, you will need to add plenty of organic matter like animal manure, home made compost or even add a few bags of shop purchased compost (not top soil) along with this, add some fish/blood/bonemeal to the new adition soil as this will help feed the growing plants as a slow releace feed.
Thing like carrots, beetroot, parsnips, and most other root veg do well in sandy soil once organic matter had been adde.d to help hold onto added feeds and moistures, for best results on sandy soil, when you make the seed drills along the soil for planting seeds, it is a good idea to use the hosepipe and really soak these drills then add the seeds, this helps germination. Also grow lots of salad stuff too as these are fast growing like a few lettuce seeds will be ready to cut in about 8 weeks or sooner depending how tender you want the lettuce to be, I would not grow ant veg plants that need good firm ground like cabbages or sprouts ect as the sandy soil wont hold the nutrients and water as well as heavier soil does but, over the years as you continue to add more organic stuff to the sandy soil, the bed /ground will eventually get more fertile, hope this helps you out a bit. WeeNel

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