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Brewster, MN(Zone 4b)

A friend gave me a beautiful plant last fall, told me to cut it back and water it well over winter. I did those things and now it's nearly time to move it outdoors for the summer. Can someone please tell me the coldest temp it will take? Full sun? What kind of fert? When should it start blooming? Should I deadhead? How much water do they like? Any info for living well in Minnesota would be much appreciated.

Summerville, SC(Zone 8a)

Zone 6 is about as cold as you can go with the hardiest of passiflora. I keep mine in buried pots and bring them into a greenhouse for winter and I'm zone 8 .. I do not put vines of any kind in the ground without stoppers (screen under the pots so the roots can't get out). As far as the light, it depends on what species you have. Some like full blazing hot sun and others morning sun with afternoon shade and others dappled shade. I feed mine with the plain old 2 tbs per gallon miracle grow stuff about every week or two. You don't want to be dead heading if you want fruit and seeds .. though not all passies are self fertile and produce fruit. I keep the soil in the pots moist. As to when they bloom, it can be pretty much any time. My Lady Margaret is the first to bloom for me. My P. X allardii which I grew from seed last year never bloomed but grew like crazy .. maybe this year .. I had a P edulis that took 3 years to bloom from seed.

Perhaps if you could post a picture of it we might be able to identify it and give you more specific information via the leaves.

Brewster, MN(Zone 4b)

Thanks so much for the info. It has yet to bloom for me and friend doesn't remember what color it was. I am unable to post pics at this time, I will when I can. She had it in part shade as that was the only place for it. I put the pot on the ground next to the top section of an old windmill that a couple of clematis also share. The pot is in mostly shade as it's on the North side, the foliage is climbing up now. It will get more sun the higher it goes. I'm hoping some part of the plant will be happy enough to bloom at some point. My concern about the coldest temp it will take is because there is still a threat of frost here for a couple of weeks yet. Roots wouldn't survive over winter here, but the screen is a really good idea. I'll get some fert. mixed up and cross my fingers about the frost. Thanks for all your help!

Sidney, OH(Zone 6a)

Passiflora Incense and Incarnata are very hardy, even down to sub-freezing temperatures. Although the vine dies down to the ground in late fall, their underground roots send off runners in every direction in the spring if they're not in containers. They went under our fence and sprouted in our neighbor's lawn 10 feet away. The beautiful flowers they produce are worth the effort, but don't let their delicate looks fool you. These plants are tough as nails and need boundaries that are just as tough.

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