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Getting rid of poppies

Brillion, WI

I'm trying to redo a garden on the east side by the house. I have poppies (aka worst weed ever) and I'm trying to dig them out but know that I'll miss some. Any good way to eliminate them? I also have a trumpet vine (roots are really deep and appear to grow under the house, although there is a basement). And I have to deal with a gas line. I know where that is, so I'll be careful around that. And I have tulips that I'd like to keep. In other words, I have a huge mess. I did lay cardboard over most of it last fall and killed a lot, but the darn poppies found cracks. The tulips came up through the cardboard and allowed the poppies to continue. HELP!!

Russell, KY(Zone 6b)

Hand weeding or herbicide.

Foxboro, MA

The recommendation is two layers of cardboard because once wet it gets mushy easily and weeds can poke through. You could try weed fabric, or solarizing with plastic but if you want to plant this season your options are limited with plastic. I think you're going to need a combination of cover and smother, hand weeding and possibly herbicide.

Brillion, WI

Well, I did all of the above minus the herbicide. Some cardboard was still there, I pulled and dug what I could, redid more cardboard and mulched the heck out of it. I had to forfeit the tulips. They grew weird through the cardboard and I managed to mangle the bulbs. But it's worth it. It looks good so far. Next spring may goof things up with the tulips but at least it's not such an eyesore. I'll deal with that next spring. My plan is to just leave the cedars and put in containers for color. Should turn out okay. I could kick myself for how far away I put the cedars from the house....lots of sod to dig up. But I have lots of poppies in a vase right now : )

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

Why didn't you dig up the tulips before laying down the cardboard?

Brillion, WI

I tried but it was hard. I saved one. It was my plan to dig them up. I'm one of those save everything people. They were really deep and amongst pickers (I can't remember the name) This was a pretty hard labor job. Between fighting the pickers, poppies, sod (lots of it!) I just forfeited them. I'm almost done, just waiting for WPS to mark the gas line. I'm just not too sure how close I am to it and don't really want to blow up.

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

yeah blowing up wouldn't be good, LOL

Arroyo Grande, CA(Zone 9a)

I got such a laugh out of reading this. Please don't blow yourself up.
I have some ditch lillies to dig up and I know they are going to give me fits.
You know you can "paint" herbacide on with a paint brush and selectively kill the intruders.
I have a feeling that's what I'm going to be doing for years to come with the ditch lillies. LOL

Brillion, WI

Well, WPS came and marked where the gas line is....right up and paost the edgers I'd already dug up and placed. I'd hoped to catch him to find out just how deep that damned line is, but he snuck in and out. I called them and asked, it is a pipe, yes? Yes, it's a pipe, you should be fine with hand tools. Now, I'm not Schwartznager (sp), but I can push a shovel pretty hard. So far I've gone over four feet of it. I have about four feet to go. The sod over the pipe that turns 45 degrees I think I'll just pull what I can and smother the rest. I will now forever know where the pipe is (right under the bricks) and I won't have to bother WPS again. If you don't hear from me again,.well, the pipe's only about four inches down.............

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