Achimenes in South Hemisphere (Brazil)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil(Zone 12a)

I need the experts help. I got some achimenes bulbs from UK, some are sprouting some not, must I sow then right now or keep in bags? Lets thing on 2 situations, 1) Tropical areas, minimum temperature is 13 degrees celsius, so no real cold/winter, 2) Subtropical areas where temperature can go to freeze (0 degrees celsius/32 F) for short time.

Many thanks in advance


Alum Bridge, WV

When we lived in Vanuatu 25 years ago, Achimenes went dormant whenever they wanted to and came back in the same haphazard manner. There, of course, so close to the equator and with so little temp or daylight variation, we had only two seasons and even these were rather the same, wet and dry. I had rather much the same experience in Hawaii years before.

I would plant them now because they've already had their rest. Let me know how everything turns out................

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