Blue Wave petunias changing color!

Lawndale, NC

Many years of Gardening experience, but I'm stumped, here! I carefully overwintered my outside decorations (geraniums & petunias), but my Blue Wave petunias have turned pink/purple!!!

I am CERTAIN that these are NOT offspring, but the same plants. They were Blue right up until I hung them out... Do they need something, the way hydrangeas do???

Am really puzzled. I'll have to replace them if I can't straighten them out, as the decorations for the outside of my Rabbitry are Red, White, & Blue.

Anyone got any ideas why they would do this? They are healthy, otherwise.

Linda in western NC

Litchfield, ME(Zone 5a)

That happen to me. Now the pink purple have disappeared and they are back to Blue wave I have photos maybe I can find them!!

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