Garden boots that don't track mud or dirt into the house

Ottawa, KS(Zone 5b)

I need garden boots with soles that don't track mud into the house. I am thinking something like absolutely smooth Teflon soles or possibly whatever they use on non-stick cooking utensils. I think the garden boot soles should be absolutely smooth on the bottom, with no cleat-like shapes for traction of any kind. And no separate heel structure. Just one smooth non-stick bottom surface.

At the present time I have a chair by the door and each time I go in or out from the garden I change from my indoor shoes to my boots and vice versa. The soles on my boots have a very subdued smoothish traction pattern (I picked them for that reason), but it is enough to pick up some mud or dirt, despite all my scraping or dragging them through the grass. I don't plan to do any sprints in the garden, so I don't need traction. Just smooth non-stick soles. I could scuffle through the grass on the way to the house and clean them if they were absolutely smooth.

I am tempted to take some kind of sanding tool to the soles on the boots I have, to smooth out their traction pattern. But I anticipate that their rubber-like nature will not respond well to sanding, filing, or any kind of machining that I can do.


Union, WA(Zone 8b)

They have those slip on booties that you can slip on over your boots to go into the house and then take them off when you go out again. I don't think I would trust smooth soles.

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Ottawa, KS(Zone 5b)

Hi Willow,

"They have those slip on booties that you can slip on over your boots to go into the house and then take them off when you go out again."

That's an idea. However, slipping on anything over my muddy boots would make them muddy inside. I thought about slipping something on over my boots to keep the mud off of them, and just remove the muddy slip-on before going in. But that would be about as much trouble as what I do now, namely slip off the muddy boots and slip on shoes.

"I don't think I would trust smooth soles."

I might not trust them, but I would wear them. If falling down did become a problem, I would go to Plan B. Which I guess would be what I do now. I tried tying a plastic bag from the grocery store on over each boot before going out into the garden. I would simply dispose of the bags before entering the house. That worked after a fashion, but was about as much trouble as what I do now. I plan to search the Internet to see if there are any smooth teflon-soled boots out there.


Union, WA(Zone 8b)

LOL I wear clogs with thick socks and just kick them off at the door and then slip them back on again. Except yesterday I forgot and wore them into the house, the mud was dry and now it is all over the floor.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Years ago I bought a pair of muckers boots (stable use) that are ankle high. Very easy to slip in and out of. Well I got a huge hole poked in the bottom of them. I want to buy another pair but so far haven't found any that were affordable. Keeping water our of my feet in wet grass sure was handy. No I ruin good sneakers all the time.
Guess I'll have to give in and start wearing clogs. Ug!!

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