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Asiatic Lily and a New Beggineg Gardinger

Edgar, MT

I just bought six Asiatic Lily "Tiny Sensation" Lilium Hybrid. Also I'm a New Begging Gardinger. Where can I find some information about this Lily. And the best time to plant, and where to plant it. I had though abought planting it along my drive way, Would that be a good place?

Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

Did you buy bare-root bulbs or potted plants? In either case, planting them out ASAP will be best, though much more critical if you bought bulbs. Asiatic lilies are extremely hardy and tough and undemanding... the most important considerations are full sun, and avoid any place where there might be standing water. That's about it!

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Kiowa, CO(Zone 5b)

Another point.....add peat moss to the hole and mix with backfill. Also plant a few inches deeeper that listed.
Asiatic are wonderful for multipling. Leave at least 1/3 of the stem til after frost, carefully tug the stem. You should find many new baby bulbils have formed along the stem where it was in contact with the mother bulb, plant back in around the mother bulb just below the soils surface. It will probably take two years for the first blooms to appear. In approx five years you will have a nice patch, approx. 3ft X 3ft, having started from approx 5 bulbs. ( The stems of Asiatics will have bulbs and bulbils along the stem (underground), some may have even already seperated, those still connected gently pry off.
If you're looking for another great multipling lily, try Tiger lilies (the ones with the spots on the petals), these not only form new bulbs along the stem (underground) but they also form bulbils along the stems at the leaf nodes. As the summer goes on these will drop to the soil and sprout. When they form the first set of roots they atuomatically get pulled down to the proper depth, (magic).
Pix: my border, 45x100ft, just waking up for the seasom, last week. God, I hope to see some of my lillies blooming this year, not sure tho, there was a herd of deer in the garden this evening, D>>>!!!!!!!!

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