Are my peas growing normally?

Springtown, PA(Zone 6b)


This is my first year planting vegetables from seed in the garden (last year, I only grew store-bought tomato and pepper plants). On April 12, I sowed 3 varieties of peas--Lincoln and Piccolo Provenzale (both shelling peas), and Cascade sugar snaps. I was thrilled when they started sprouting in just 5 days! But since then, they have only grown to a height of about 3 to 5 inches. They look green and healthy, but they have not grown any taller in quite a while...they are just sitting there (couch-potato peas!).

Is this normal? Did I get too late a start? Might it be from lack of sun (the last couple of weeks have been dull and rainy)?

Is there a chance that they will suddenly go zooming upward and actually produce peas? I keep hearing that they will fizzle out when the weather gets hot, and warm and sunny conditions are now in the forecast. I am afraid that my peas will expire before having lived a full life and allowed me a taste of their sweetness!

Thanks for your help.

Greenfield, OH(Zone 6a)

I'm no expert on peas and I'm hoping someone with a lot of experience chimes in. I sowed mine on March 15th in the same location I plan on planting tomatoes in a couple weeks. Mine are slow, just like yours and they're gonna get tilled under when its time to put out the tomato plants. I've had success in the past with snap peas but I've never had the patience with the regular ol' garden pea.

Charlotte, NC(Zone 7b)

My snap peas seemed to take forever to get going, but now they are giving us peas every day. They were sown March 8th and first picking was May 8th.

Birds LOVE to sit and peck at the new shoots! I've lost lots of blossoms to birds.

Springtown, PA(Zone 6b)

Thank you, Honeybee--it sounds like there is still hope for a growth spurt. Don't give up too soon, yardener! And if they do end up remaining couch-potato peas, I'll cook up a pan of pea shoots and try again later on for a fall crop.

And speaking of shoots: Yesterday, I thinned out my turnips, which I had sown too thickly and waited too long to thin. I then quickly sauteed the turnip shoots in a little butter with a touch of salt, and they were so scrumptious that I am actually thinking of sowing a continuous crop of turnips just to harvest the shoots!

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