HELP!!! Please... Sweet Tater is in trouble..Graphic Photos

Eatonton, GA(Zone 8b)

Guys... I noticed several weeks ago that my oldest girl Sweet Tater Serama had not laid any eggs, but seemed perfectly ok. Shes now about 2 years old so fairly young! I figured she was just pouting because of the new girls on the block having hatchlings and she didnt! Today I found her all puffed out and walking very slowly, as if she were either broody or trying to entice the new baby that belonged to tuwanda. When I got closed to her I noticed her eyes were closed and she would walk a step or two then strain as if to poop! I grabbed her up and brought her to the bathroom sink and floated her in very warm water fro about 15 minutes. She toatally relaxed , enough so that her legs just floated behind her. She was still straining so I lifted her tail to see what was going on. .......Now these photos are really up close and graphic....... As you can see she is extended and the interior "bulls-eye" goes in and out as she pushes. She isnt pushing it out any more than you see here. There is no inflamation...but I dont know what to do! Is this egg bound or something else??? there are NO Avian vets here at all . I need your help!!

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Hope somebody can help her. Seems we read before that putting them in a bathroom with a hot shower going on helps them if they are eggbound. That sure looks awful. She is sick for sure. Poor sweet tater.

This has some instructions for eggbound at the bottom of the page.

I do know this, that the baytril helped two of my chickens, and seems to be helping my cockatiels. It was not cheap though. The vet here, who specializes in birds, recommends baytril.

Poor little thing.

Eatonton, GA(Zone 8b)

Thank You LFJ... will go to link... I dont want to lose her!

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Eufaula, I just saw this other thread where this woman with an australorp culled her hen because it was in pain and she found all these tumors or cysts inside, and she took pictures. You might not want to look at it right now, I don't know. She had so many and all different colors.

These people seem to be talking about a penguin walk. Standing straight up and walking funny.

Chickens have as much trouble as we women sometimes do.

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Here is a link with specific instructions that looks like it might be of some value.

Eatonton, GA(Zone 8b)

SHE PASSED IT!!!!! It was a very plasticy shelled eggie. She did it all by herself, once I wrapped her in a towel and placed her under a light! She got all cozy and warm and went to work and passed it! Shes up and walking just fine and now IM gonna give her some cool water to drink and bed her down for the night! Thanks so very much LFJ for hanging in there with me !!! Im off now to take care of her!!!!!!

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Hooray! You're a great chicken midwife!

Eatonton, GA(Zone 8b)

Well ...we lost the Preemie......but we saved the Mom!!

Pelzer, SC(Zone 7b)

Oh, thanl goodness. I just saw the whole thing, and I'm sorry I wasn't here to offer support. I KNOW how slowly time goes when you're feeling helpless.

Glad Sweet Tater is doing better :)

Melfa, VA(Zone 8a)

I wondered if she was trying to pass a soft-shelled egg when I read your 1st comments and after I saw your description of the egg...That has to be it. I don't know a lot about chickens...I am learning...but I raised parakeets for a # of years having 50 pairs at one time. I know that part of both chickens and parakeets and any other bird is the same!
Soft shelled eggs are really difficult to pass because they are so pliable and it usually means the chicken isn't getting enough calcium to form the shell. Just make sure your chickens are getting enough oyster shells (egg shell) in their diet.

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Eatonton, GA(Zone 8b)

Yes it was definitely the Soft Shelled egg problem! Never had that to happen before, but will be sure to up their calcium immediately! Tater is soooo much better today, but still in quarantine for a rest! I think a couple of days she will be fine but Im putting into the "ladies dorm" for a while until I know for sure she is ok! Thanks again to you LFJ for jumping in there. E.

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

Oh so happy she passed it. I think this is a problem more so with the smaller birds. I lost 2 of my Sebrights to it

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So glad she is getting better. Whew. We've all gotten kind of fond of your sweet tater. She's a doll.

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They say what comes around goes around. God knows you ladies and gentlemen have helped me often enough.

So how's Tater?

Bridgewater, ME

So glad she is doing better.I had that problem with some of my golden comets.

Eatonton, GA(Zone 8b)

You would never know Tater had a problem! She is doing great! I am so glad I happen to find her when I did. Ive been keeping a close eye on her and the others too! So far no more problems anywhere. Thanks Guys for your concern!

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