Cardinals have a fledgling - in Z4 Vermont!

Essex Junction, VT(Zone 4a)

I just confirmed a story my neighbor told me that the resident cardinals have a baby. I just heard it and got a glimpse of the mother feeding it in the cedar hedge. This seems unusual that they'd have a fledgling in early May. There is only one as far as I can tell (not sure if that was always the case or not).

Anyone else this far north seeing activity? I'm guessing the warm spring altered their schedule. That or they've always done it this early but not by me (these cardinals - assuming they are the same pair - have been nesting in my or either side neighbors for years).

Charlotte, NC

Last week, I saw a mother cardinal feeding two fledglings in my yard. And yesterday, I saw what I *think* is a momma thrush feeding her two fledglings. There's a wren's nest on my front porch, but I'm not sure if any survived. There are two unhatched eggs & one dead hatch-ling in the nest. Three days ago, I saw one healthy baby in there, but yesterday, it was gone. I don't know if it flew out or if something happened to it. And, there are titmouses nesting in a birdhouse in my back yard, but I haven't seen any sign of the babies coming out yet.

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