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Spots on tomato plants - help in identifying?

Athens, Greece


I found these spots on my tomato plants today.They are still very small and I'm quite uncertain: Is that some kind of disease, and if yes what is it?
Should I risk planting them with the rest of my plants that are healthy?

Thanks for the help in advance,


Thumbnail by aHtm1324 Thumbnail by aHtm1324
Ozark, MO(Zone 6a)

George, I think your tomato plants are fine. Those spots don't look like they're caused by any disease - I think they're just from sunscald or windburn. That can happen easily with tender young seedlings.

Athens, Greece

Thanks for the reply!
I agree, these spots do not seem very worrying, but I wanted another opinion to be sure.

Standish, MI

I would agree with Ozark that the spots are not anything to worry about. Another thing that could cause spots like this might be water splashing on the leaves.

Ozark, MO(Zone 6a)

I was surprised to see the wild shamrock (oxalis) in the center-right of your first photo. Some varieties of that are cultivated as flowers, but it's mostly a weed for me. I know it grows in California and Missouri, but had no idea it's also in Greece.

Athens, Greece

Water splashing on leaves...I'll keep that in mind, but in general I try to avoid this, since it can lead to the development of diseases.

As for oxalis, it's a weed here as well. It's not very widespread, and has not caused me much trouble. I'm not sure if it's a native plant of Greece or not. In any case, it does not show invasive tendencies.

Oak Island, NC(Zone 8a)

I noticed my tender seedlings that come out of my greenhouse get those little spots after I start setting them outside to harden them off. I'm pretty sure that's sun scald.

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