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Aluminum Sulphate & its toxicity?

Larsen, WI(Zone 5a)

Hello everyone! I happened to brows a website about A.S. & the toxicity after reading about a problem this person was dealing with. While I was reading the forum, it never explained to anyone how much of the Aluminum Sulphate was too much & vice versa. This individual fallowed directions but ended up killing their hydrangia. Does anyone have any helpful hints on the Do's & Don't's with Aluminum Sulphate?
Let me know please.....


Tucson, AZ

are you using this on plumies? if so, why?

Larsen, WI(Zone 5a)

because they need it to produce flower buds & such. If I'm wrong then I must not know at all what I'm doing....

Tucson, AZ

a balanced fertilizer w/ micro-nutrients is really all they needs besides water, sunlight and good soil.

Larsen, WI(Zone 5a)

Ohhh, sorry for the misunderstanding tucsonplumeria! My mind-set was stuck on Hydrangia plants. The only reason why I added that aluminum sulfate was because I had a plumeria grown from seed that formed a flower bud which down the road fell off. My mistake!!!


Baton Rouge, LA

Aluminum sulfate is very acidic. It is used with hydrangeas to change the acidity of the soil to make the blooms blue.
I would be very careful using it with Plumerias. It doesn't serve any real purpose. If you add too much, you could burn your plants.

Larsen, WI(Zone 5a)

Thanks Jag1224.... I've got Hydrangia's & Plumeria so I need to be careful as to my actions about what & what Not to do

:) Bear Bear

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