Low maintenance fence periphery

Catonsville, MD(Zone 7b)

Hi, I need some help! I have a yard surrounded by picket fence & several garden beds with iron fencing. I am looking for ways to cut back on the trim work. Has anyone ever used landscape fabric with stone or gravel on top to border for easy mowing? Does this work? I know they have the prefabricated mulch borders but it's so expensive. I have not priced the gravel/stone yet & am not even sure of how much would be effective (both aesthetically & easy to mow over.) Do they make landscaping fabric in widths less than 4-5 feet? Thanks for any suggestions!

Downey, CA, United States

STRONGLY recommend against SMALL gravel where (or near) where you want to mow. It WILL migrate and will take off if when it gets sucked up by the machine. It will also prevent you from using a leaf blower if you are so inclined.
LARGE crush or stones will work. Ground "base" material or decomposed granite may work for you. If the color is a concern, a stain can be used to modify the appearance (except the DG).

Landscape fabric can easily be cut to smaller widths and "scrap" pieces combined for use. If you go down several inches, weed cloth might not be needed. Or, it might be cheaper to just use newspaper and be prepared to spray a bit of weed killer a couple times a year.

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