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Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

I bought a FitBit and it came today. It has quite a few features that I think will be helpful/motivating for me. Can't wait to put it on tomorrow and see just how many steps I take. Not nearly enough, I KNOW that.

And it will force me to enter my food. I know I have the list, and follow that and *think* I'm doing it right, but this is just another accountability thing for me.

Wish me luck.

If any of you want to see what it is, go here...

I saw it in last Sunday's flyer with the Sunday paper for Best Buy. Then I went online to read about it, and I could buy it directly from FitBit, free shipping. And no tax. If I would have purchased it at BB, there would have been tax. I ordered it Thursday, and it came today. I couldn't believe it............and it had to come from California to Wisconsin, and not even priority mail. Said 5-7 business days. And it was here in 2.

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