Still going?

Denison, TX(Zone 7a)

Hello, Josephine:
I know it's been several years since you posted these pictures. I do hope your wildflowers are still just as stunning!

I live in North TX (Denison), so I'm not too far away, perhaps only half a zone or so. I wonder if I could recreate something similar to your wildflower garden in a problem area of my yard? Here we have red sand with a layer of red-iron gravel which has to be removed before planting anything. I've built up the 20-foot bed with native rock and amended the soil a little with good compost and the oak leaves that drop on it every year. Surprisingly, it gets sun almost all afternoon, which makes it difficult to cultivate in our hot summers without excessive watering.

I would sincerely appreciate any hints and tips you could give about getting started. Could you possibly list what kind of plants you put there, and whether you had to use any starters, or if it was all from seed?

Thanks so much for posting these pictures! Great inspiration!

Valparaiso, IN

Love the native plants. I just stumbled upon the photos of your slope and am so impressed with what you've done. Absolutely stunning! Thank you for the inspiration.

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