Gnats are terrible today

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

I've been after my daughter when she divided her coreopsis "Zagreb" that I wanted some more. She gave me my first starts and they need to be divided again. The one is about ready to bloom. She brings me two hugh hunks and said Happy Mother's Day which was fine with me..I can use this gift and have it for a long time. I cut the foliage off and planted the smaller pieces but the gnat are so bad, you can't see, as they are in your face, up your nose, spend your time swatting them away from your face. I watered the planted hunks real well and will go back over them again tonight or tomorrow morning to make sure they are kept moist.

Why are all these gnats all of a sudden; they weren't around any this week..We need rain again so bad. Maybe the rain will wash them away or drown them. Is all the gnats some kind of weather sign.? Is there anything that can be sprayed out in the yard for them? I'm calling the landscaping contractor tomorrow and see if they can spray something around.

Hanceville, AL(Zone 7a)

I hope they CAN spray something that will help. The gnats are so bad here that I wish I knew what to spray with. I haven't called the county agent but I will soon. Also, we have root fungus gnats that get into the house and ruin all the house plants. I do not think it is the same gnat. And then we have a little gnat that bites and leaves itching sores. OFF helps, but it irritates my skin. Hope your gnats are not so bad, as bad as they are. Luciee {;^) It may be that we had such a mild winter that they will be here regardless. Luciee

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Brewster, MN(Zone 4b)

Suppose you have different gnats in your areas. Here we have buffalo gnats that bred in a near by creek. They leave long lasting, itchy bites and hang around till about mid July. Absorbine Jr helps a bunch. You have to reapply frequently and be careful that you don't get it in your eyes. Most repellants don't do much for gnats, hope you find some personal relief.

Hanceville, AL(Zone 7a)

Thanks, ghopper

Warners, NY

Is it more craziness this Spring? The mosquitoes are out here--already, I was bitten by a deer fly---already, both my son and me have had tick bites--already. On the other hand my earliest red daylily is in bloom--sort of (one scape) and rosa Morden Blush is blooming and I have buds on an echinacia. Due to triple E with a death last year they are already talking about spraying North of here. The weeds are also shoulder high and blooming. Is this life?? No I can't spell-I learned to read seventy years ago with phonics in a one room school house on a dirt road and it's been a trial ever since. ----------------------------------Weedy

Warners, NY

Is it my incompetence or am I losing pictures?? Tried to post photos on daylily forum of first bloom thisyear and somehow got accidental picture of recently lost cat--will try here just to try and solve question??!

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