Are your hoyas blooming early?

Athens, PA

I noticed my Kentiana is budding. The last 2-3 years in a row she has flowered in July. Looks like I will have flowers the end of this month.

Has anybody else noticed early flowering on their hoyas?

noonamah, Australia

Some of mine never seem to want to flower. But densifolia, lacunosa and pubicalyx flower almost constantly throughout the year.

Athens, PA

Very nice. Are your's outside? I haven't put mine outside ever. Perhaps I should.

noonamah, Australia

Mine are outside all the time, growing up into trees. But I understand that moving them from inside a house to outside (and vice versa) they can be set back and drop some leaves until they adjust. They still apparently work out okay, you just need to be prepared for an ititial shock reaction. Ambient humidity levels in houses are usually much lower than what they like. Outside varies much more but is generally higher.

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