My new salvias

Ashdown, AR(Zone 8a)

I purchased some new salvia last month via mail order and I should have done my homework a little better and not been swayed by "another pretty face". Now I'm not so sure some will survive for me in my zone. Please tell me what you think. Some I think I will have to keep in pots...these are marked w/ **.
*S.aurea/syn.w/s.african lutea" 24 KT. Gold"*
*S.buchannii"Velvet Sage"*
S.greggii cv. Calif. Sunset Sage
S.greggii Terea's Pink Texas Sage"
*S.greggii Variegated Autumn Sage*

I also purchased from local nursery,3 others that were un-labeled( I hate it when nursery don't label properly),I think I have id as: 1)S.micophylla x greggi( id on as s.grahamii x microphylla)Maraschino Cherry",2)S.microphylla cv "Wild Watermelon,3)s.greggii Alba, Texas White Autumn Sage"(shot-lived?Seeds or should I do cuttings?). I'll get pictures and post later.

I was so taken by "Hot Lips" performance last year,I just had to add more this year as well as agastaches. Suggestions for other of both that will do well in my zone would be appreciated.

I also grew a bunch of salvias and agastaches from seed year before last,yet to be planted out but I don't have that list in front of me and will also post that later.


Candor, NC

These plants survive in both colder and hotter climates. In Baton Rouge, they are in raised rows with good drainage and modest fertilizer and humus. You might want to offer them some late day shade.

Arlington, TX

The varities of gregii I have grown have all been pretty easy and do not mind heat.

Ashdown, AR(Zone 8a)

that's very good to hear

Arlington, TX

The original species is native to TX and other hot places, so they should do fine for you.

Ashdown, AR(Zone 8a)

YAY! I'll take some cuttings once they're big enough to overwinter in greenhouse just in case. I usually have to do that for Black and Blue and Limelight...but even then I lost my Limelight.

Arlington, TX

I am in zone 8 so no worries for you. I really don't think you can kill a gregii.

Ashdown, AR(Zone 8a)

my Variegated autumn sage is blooming ....YAY!

Thumbnail by bigred
Candor, NC

If you intend to propagate and pass along selected forms from seed, the people you distribute them to need to know that they are not the originals. Second-generation (F2) hybrids are very variable, and should not bear their parents name.

Many botanical gardens will refuse to accept plants that do not have collection data or other detailed and verifiable provenance.

This is especially true with Agastache forms, and I often suspect identity and performance problems with S. greggii/S. microphylla hybrids amongst Salvias in particular.

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