Using a Y-filter as a fertilizer injector?

New Orleans, LA(Zone 9a)

I was going through the mrdrip website and wound up on their fertilizer page, Near the bottom of the page, they talk about ways to apply their liquid fertilizer, injector, watering can, sprayer & through a Y-Filter. It says

Soaker Hose/Drip Systems: Our popular "Y"-filters make great applicators. 1 oz. per 100' of soaker hose. 1 oz per 100 gph of emitters installed on a drip system (ex: 50- 2 gph emitters = 1 oz.)

Since I have a drip system with a y-filter I'd be interested in using this method since I wouldn't have to but another piece. Has anyone ever used a y-filter as a fertilizer injector?


New Orleans, LA(Zone 9a)

Well, I sent an email to, asking about using a y-filter for fertilization. Here's the answer I received - short * sweet:

The filter comes apart, so you can clean it. You can put the fertilizer in there.

Maybe I'll give this method a try.

Central Texas, TX(Zone 8b)

Good luck!

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