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Austin, TX

This plant was labeled Echinopsis species Dominos. Searching the net, it looks like maybe the correct name may be Echinopsis ancistrophora 'Subdenudata', but there is no entry for that here. There is an entry for E. subdenudata. I wonder if that is another name for the same plant. I got this plant at Lowe's.

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Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9b)

Yes, that's Echinopsis subdenudata
Don't know where they got the 'ancistrophora' from.

Austin, TX

There was an explanation posted to my thread on the cactus forum. The explanation included this link:

Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9b)

They say that according to "The New Cactus Lexicon" that E. subdenudata is now a synonym of E. ancistrophora.
If this is in fact true then 'subdenudata' would then become a variety, forma, or subspecies of E. ancistrophora. It's doubtful that it's a cultivar.
E. ancistrophora var. subdenudata, or
E. ancistrophora subsp. subdenudata, or
E. ancistrophora f. subdenudata

I would need to read the explanation in the book to determine which one it is, unless someone else out there already has determined which it should be. Unfortunately, I do not have the NCL.

Here at this link, a wikipedia page, says it's a spineless "Form", which makes good sense. There are other 'subdenudata's that have short spines also.

If you plan on submitting a photo(s) to the PlantFiles, I would upload it to the E. subdenudata page, so that when and/or if the Title of the page is changed the photo won't have to be moved.

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