Silkie Rooster

Bridgewater, ME

This is my silkie rooster,I was going to through this basket away and thought it would make a good nesting place for the silkes.They have been laying eggs in it but last night the rooster decided he wanted to sleep in it.He is the best rooster,he showed the girls that it was ok to get into the basket when I first put it in there,he went in then they followedhim. And I sold some of the mothers last week and he let the babies sleep with him that first night without there mom.They are old enough to be on there own but still without the mom they were kinda lost that first night.

Thumbnail by green04735
Bridgewater, ME

He does have eyes, no wonder he can`t see me when I come up behind him.Here is another of him.

Thumbnail by green04735
Eatonton, GA(Zone 8b)

Now he is just toooo cute!!

(Zone 6b)

How did I miss this one? He is gorgeous. Did you hatch him out?

Bridgewater, ME

Yes I did,and he has lots of offsping that will look like him.He is a sweet rooster,my dh calls him silver

Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

I have a male peacock like that. His hen hatched out two babies and he took care of them, even picking up food to feed them. Some guys are just keepers ;~).

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