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I want those yellow impatiens again!

(Zone 4b)

Last summer these not easily found impatiens looked so good in my garden but I have been unable to source them yet this spring. I think their specific name is "Fusion Gold Yellow Exotic":

By chance has any of you seen this impatiens in any of your many excursions to your favourite nurseries this spring? (Greater Toronto Area)

(Zone 4b)

UPDATE: I did find this particular impatiens today and 3 are now planted in my garden.

South of Winnipeg, MB(Zone 3a)

I have the Infrared Apricot in this series. Kept it over winter on my kitchen window sill. The yellow is very pretty.

Calgary, Canada

Veseys had seeds for a Golden Impatiens in the catalogue.

(Zone 4b)

Thanks for that CL and Apricot is another interesting

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