How to add a plant to my journal if I can't find it on DG?

Fort Dodge, IA

I bought Thrivers Perennials Stonecrop Veriegated Sedum Spectabile but I can't find it in the DG plant list and would like to add it to my journal, is there a way to do that?

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

If you have the real cultivar name for the plant, you can add it to Plant Files and once it's in there, then you can add it to your journal. Or if you don't want to add it to PF or aren't sure of the real cultivar name then you can manually add it to your journal (go into whatever category you want to add it to, and you'll see a link to add a new entry to this category--that'll pull up a page with blank spaces and you can add the name, etc.) I don't know if you can know for sure what the real cultivar name of your plant is if what you showed here is all that came on the label--Thrivers Perennials sounds like a grower's name, and variegated is just a description not a cultivar name. So your best bet will probably be to manually add it to your journal rather than trying to add it to Plant Files.

Fort Dodge, IA

Thank you so much! Yes there is no cultivater name on the tag or on the website and I can't find one that looks quite the same here so I'll just add it manually. Thanks!

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