Winter flowers in MAY

Merino, Australia

Still a lot of lovely flowers coming out for winter. Here a re some of my latest zygos.
Karen, the pic of the zygo with the red & green segments doesnt really show how bright they are.
The red does fade a bit in the cold but I am hoping it does stay there as the plant grows.

pic 1... red & green coloring
pic 2...Madame Butterfly
pic 3...Pilbara Sunset
pic 4 ...Blazing Fantasy
pic 5... Fairy Tale.


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Merino, Australia

A few more..

pic 1 ...Santa Cruz and a noid .
You can see all the buds still to open.
pic 2 & 3 didnt write the names of these down. I will check later.


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Clifton Springs, Australia

They really are very pretty Jean.....I don't have the variety but the ones that I do have are loaded with buds.

This attractive Dahlia is only supposed to grow 5ft high and 6ft wide in actual fact it's 8ft high and about 10ft's name is "Timothy Hammet"...
Ray hates it because it has sprawled everywhere.....there is a lovely pale pink Camellia in behind it and all of my Sphaeros..... but he's not allowed to touch it....I love it, it's bright and has lots of's a great substitute for the Tree dahlias...
Mine were both blown over in the winds, how did yours go Colleen?

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Brisbane, Australia

Dianne, that dahlia is magnificent! So many flowers on it, its a real show piece.
I've never seen a tree dahlia. Wonder if they grow up here.

Jean, I hope your red&green zygo keeps it colour too. I can't see any reason why it wouldn't,
so long as the new sections forming have the variegation. Keep me in mind for a swap
cutting when our plants are big enough. You have some very pretty ones there.

I had a look in at Big W at Underwood today. They had the Ascot, but only one flower was out
and it wasn't fringed. Wondering if mine is a ring in. Time will tell. Will see what it does next
year. I replaced one that I'd lost (possum attack) last year called Sterling, and am still trying'
to find a replacement Bright Spark, if anyone has that one.


Another view of the Variegated Madame Butterfly.
Gold Charm now open.
Lavender Lady now open.
Party Girl now open, lots of buds on this one.
Sanibel now open. Still a very small plant, this one.

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Merino, Australia

Dianne, I love your dahlia. . May I beg a piece when it dies down ?
I like sprawly plants. I still have a couple of the red flowered ones with the burgundy foliage. They are not out in the windy area so have survived tucked under the rest of the rampant cottage garden.

Karen, I have those you have shown too. I an waiting on a lot of small cutting grown ones to grow and flower.
Never heard of Bright Spark, but there are many new ones coming all the time.
I will put you on my plant notes for a piece of the red / green. It may turn out to be just the weather but it has held that color for two years since I bought it.
Some of mine came in the epi collection so are quite old and not found now.

pic 1 ...Orange Bell
pic 2 Butterfly Magic


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Clifton Springs, Australia

Jean, I don't know how to divide the dahlia yet, it didn't die down last year it got to around 4ft, so I will have to investigate...I thought by the way that it grew, there would be canes, but it's more like a normal dahlia, so it might have a big tuber somewhere in there.

I just reread the label, it isn't supposed to die down each year, but in time it grows woody when It gets to that stage, I will send some to will be worth the wait, it's really pretty and in a garden like yours it will be in it's element....

It might be a bit too warm for the Tree Dahlias up your way, Karen and unless you have a really sheltered spot
or they get to a good size, the wind can knock them down at flowering time...

Brisbane, Australia

Dianne, there is probably one garden where the tree dahlia might grow, but there is no room in that garden anymore. Never mind.

I've been down cutting back some of the jungle this morning. The bin is full now but gets emptied on Friday. Barry half fills it just with the lawn cuttings.

Jean, I think Bright Spark may have been a difficult one to grow. It came out a few years ago but I haven't seen it since. I thought I'd found another grower in NSW but it turns out they may not be growing it anymore either. It was prone to some sort of bug growth, and for some reason, the possum hated that one and destroyed it.

My camelia is flowering again, though not as profusely as in other years.


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West of Brisbane, Australia

I'm not a great fan of dahlias generally, and didn't grow them when I could in Melb except for one, the tree dahlia, which I rather liked. But your large sprawling dahlia is very pretty, Dianne. I probably like it for all the reasons your husband doesn't! The bloom looks a little like a chinese windlflower too.
That variegated brug beside it--is it Maya? Very pretty and healthy looking in that tub.

Clifton Springs, Australia

It is Maya, cestrum and that's the reason Ray doesn't like the dahlia, it flops on them....he loves the Mayas in their pots, there are 2 about the same size....he thinks that they are his...
I checked the stems on the dahlia and they are woody enough to use as cuttings near the when it finishes flowering, I'll take some for you Jean...

The salvias have been wonderful this year....I hope that I don't lose any....
Also the Osteospermum "double sensation" which I picked up for a couple of dollars at the end of Summer.

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barmera, Australia

No flowers on my Tree Dahlias Dianne, but I was given another different white one and that has lots of buds. Will post a pic when it comes out. Colleen

Clifton Springs, Australia

Did your's get very tall, Colleen....mine were up to the top of the fence when we had the storm and over they went...they are growing up again now.

Merino, Australia

An old lady whose garden I was looking after had some lovely tree dahlias in a huge clump . They were in a good place between sheds and a fence so grew to over 8' high.
She gave me some large pieces of tuber but here on the hill , the wind just ripped them apart. Lower growing dahlias do better here.
Here is my latest zygo out.

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barmera, Australia

Your Zygos are lovely Jean. Dianne, I never got around to planting mine out so they are still all in pots. They're not very tall. I will find a place for them eventually. I'm a bit worried about frosts, that's why I haven't planted them out. Colleen

Victoria, Australia

Tree dahlias are absolutely everywhere in Melb, the double white also but less common.
You just lie pieces of the stem with a few segments on the ground once they die back and they shoot next season from memory. yes, extremely wind prone, they just collapse....

West of Brisbane, Australia

Some lovely blue flowers there. I think I've mentioned before that there don't seem to be that many blue flowers in the sub/tropics, not as many as I was used to seeing in Melb.
Not in flower now but rather attractive nonetheless, my purple shrimp plants. All volunteer seedlings that germinated in the bed underneath the parent plant in the hanging basket. I've potted them up mainly to protect them against being trampled by the pets, although I might end up replanting them outside when they're larger.

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West of Brisbane, Australia

Mya's pink shrimp plant, received last May and flowering for the first time. It's growing in a hanging basket under the canopy on the old clothesline and, although you can't see it in this photo, some of the leaves have turned red from the cold. (The brug canopy has thinned considerably.) The parent purple shrimp plant is growing in the same basket and its leaves had drooped as if dehydrated, but it's not lack of water but the extreme cold at night that is the cause. (Interestingly, the volunteer purple shrimp seedlings growing in the ground under the same clothesline look very healthy and have not drooped in the same way, which makes me think that the air flow under the basket makes the plants in the basket colder than they would be if they were growing in the ground under the clothesline.) So I've moved the basket into one of the plastic greenhouses.

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