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TabacVille, NC(Zone 7a)

We came from here.

Let the packing begin! Hope you have plenty of bubble wrap for that precious breakable gifts.
Off to the post office swappers, starting June 8th.
Once you receive you patriotic goodies, please post a picture and I'll then put a ^_^ next to your name.

Lizrainey------------------Liz ^_^
Robynznest-------------Robin ^_^
Fruit of the Vine--------Susan
Dahtzu--------------------Faye ^_^
MudElf--------------------Kris ^_^
Jordankittyjo-------------Sis Kathy
Crit-------------------------Patti ^_^

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TabacVille, NC(Zone 7a)

Should any of you didn't get a name, please dmail me. I strive to be perfect, but most often I fail!

Thank you to all our men and women in uniform for keeping our flag flying proud and free.
And to their families, my appreciation for bearing the sacrifices made.

So, hug a soldier today... do something nice, like getting a cup of Joe via online. This is a legit site, (not promoting, just suggesting)
For only $2, you can buy a cup of coffee for a military personnel.
In turn, you'll get an email from that lucky soldier.

Kel was so thrilled to hear from a couple.

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hayward, CA

yaaay got my name!

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

I got my name too!

Jaye, I still get emails from two of the soldiers that got coffee. It is nice to hear from them.

(Cindy) Auburn, CA(Zone 10a)

Me too!! Thanks Jaye Girl!!!!

TabacVille, NC(Zone 7a)

That's great, isn't it LK?
The best part is, Paypal is allowed. Kel doesn't know it yet, but his allowance is reduced next week for a couple of soldiers!

Alrighty new signees, like Kathy, Robyn and Mary. Don't be intimidated if you see boxes moving fast. Some are veterans here and have already 'completed' their boxes aeons ago.
It helps too when they shop at "Name Your Price" stores!

Wear your pride always. Everyday is a good day to be an American!!!

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Jaye, you have Dmail...

TabacVille, NC(Zone 7a)

Dmail's answered LK.

I think Jax and Sis Kathy would prefer Maxine's advice.

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Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

I hugged a Soldier today, not even realizing it is Armed Forces Day. Sat next to him and his family at lunch at Amanda's RU. Got to see some folks I know and enjoyed meeting others. It was a mighty fine gathering.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Glad you got the chance to hug a soldier, and have a good gathering! Any new plants at your home?

Carrollton, OH(Zone 6a)

Got my name ........ So excited ,now to get a few personal item that I think she will like !!!!!!!!!

Here is a pic for all you quilters ~

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(Cindy) Auburn, CA(Zone 10a)

SYNDA!!! so good to see you here at DG, you don't come here often. But see you everyday on FB.

TabacVille, NC(Zone 7a)

So Susan, did you acquire more plants? I'm sure there must be a large spread of great food as expected with any gathering.

Couple years back, we sat right across a uniformed man, eating lunch with this young kid. Kel was moved to pay for their meals, and came to find out that that was his last day, and he wanted to enjoy a good Chinese lunch with his kid before he returned to base and then assigned to Afghanistan. Kel regretted that he failed to get his email addy.

Cindy, have you seen Synda's postings lately on FB? She has been a very naughty gal!

How about a DIY RWB Button Bowl?

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Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

More plants? LOL, you really have to ask? And think everyone was pleased with their lunch plates. I know I was with a big hunk of meatloaf and veggies. Loved seeing everybody, but it really made my day Faye and Ray were able to attend!

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Sure hope you gave them hugs from all of us?

Love that button bowl!

(Cindy) Auburn, CA(Zone 10a)

LOL Jaye, yes I have, and when I make a comment she replies LMAO!!!! ^_^

(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

Newbie or not, my box went out this afternoon on it's way south. Just been waiting for my partner's name.

TabacVille, NC(Zone 7a)

Chaotic mind just can't keep things straight.. ever had one of those nights?

Way to go Mary!!

Aww Susan, did you give Faye lots of hugs and Ray a kiss on his cheek?

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(Pegi) Norwalk, CA(Zone 10b)

Got to gather up my RW&B and then add to it for my buddy. I just hope I don't procrastinate on this like I do on so many things.

TabacVille, NC(Zone 7a)

You'll do fine, Pegi. Think last year I beat Marion's record of being late! Lolol! Thank God we have very trusting swappees here.
Hmm.. you're better at spelling then I am. I can't even spell 'procrastinate' right 99% of the time.

Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

Jayebird, The first person I saw in the banquet room was Faye. We gave each other big hugs and kisses on the cheek and I gave them to Ray too. He said our Blessing as lunch was served. All of us gave each other hugs in the parking lot before we left. It was such a great gathering, and was a picture-perfect day. I hated to leave!

(Carey) Austin, TX(Zone 8b)

I still have shopping to do. Yikes! I'm hoping I'll find some great stuff tomorrow.

Bessemer, AL(Zone 8b)

im here

TabacVille, NC(Zone 7a)

Susan, I'm sure you never thought that you'd develop a real life friendship with online friends. Dave's Garden has certainly given me a treasure trove of wonderful real life relationships. Our common thread, is not the gardening, but in humanity.
Thus said, what Faye and Ray are going through, we are all genuinely praying the best for them.

And you and Darwin as well, Pegi (((((Hugs)))))

Carey, hope you find some good sales!

Ahh finally some blue in my garden. Your invasive, but I love them, spiderwort! (think that's it?)

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Beautiful blooms Jaye!

(thunder)Wildwood, FL(Zone 9a)

ilove spiderwort !! It grows here there everywhere, all over the yard. some gets run over when lawn gets mowed, but it always comes back :)

Pittsburg, MO(Zone 6b)

I'm tired of all the spiderwort coming up where I don't want it and not coming up where I want it.

Pictures below are Blytheville AR AFB 50th reunion. B-52 Bomber replica and letting loose 50 dove in honor of all those that served. The replica is on a memorial of some of the Bomber Squadron that didn't make it back the Blytheville. My DH is the first one on the left in the picture of the four men.

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Carrollton, OH(Zone 6a)

Cindy I was taught there is a time and a place to act like a lady and a if you don't have something nice to say ,keep quiet ...LOL , DG is a place to conduct myself as a lady and right now I have a lot of unkind words to spit at my family and by far feel like presenting myself in a lady-like manner at any time these days.....LOL .Maybe after Tuesday I will be able to be my old happy self ....fingers,toes and knees crossed and a lot of prayers. My youngest brother is taking my step dad to court for guardianship of my momma since my step dad is tired of tending to her and there is a lot of neglect ,the hearing is supposed to be Tuesday .But it has already been rescheduled twice ,but hopefully this time it will go on and my brother can get guardianship so she can be taken care of properly !!! My step dad is fighting it ,not because he cares but because he doesn't want to lose her social security check (his words) and he's afraid he'll get in a lot of trouble for not tending to her (she almost died in January from him not feeding her and not tending to skin infections that made her septic) and stealing my grandparents farm from my momma (70 acres) and "giving" it to "his" daughter.Plus a large sum of money is gone from the mineral rights being paid around here from the farm........that could of been used to make mommas life more comfortable !!!!! So Cindy my poor girl I have so neglected you ,even on FB .Please forgive me !! But now at least you have the mini version of what has been going on and the naughty ,not so lady-like Synda on FB ........

But aside from my family issues,Rick and I have been to see a surgeon last Monday.
Last November they found a lump in my breast and after a biopsy they found it to be non-cancerous as of yet. But since I was soooooooooo graciously endowed and a lump is something that would be a constant worry and have to be checked every 6 months and I have sooooooo much back pain the doctors and Rick and I have opted to get the lump removed and get a reduction all at once.Now setting back and waiting for the insurance approval.The surgery will cost around $8000 and I have to come up with the $500 out of pocket deductible and 20% of the balance 3 weeks before surgery once the insurance approve it . I'll be in the hosp over night to two days and then 6 weeks of doing literally Nothing,not allowed to even raise my arms to wash my own hair or ride the bike.The doctor said he'll go as small as possible without any damage.Thank God Rick is so good to me and will tend to my needs !!!!!!! But at least for once in my life I'll be able to buy a bra at a reasonable price and will be PERKY again .......LOL .And I won't look like a seal when I try and clap my hands ...............LOL !!!

Anyone talking to Faye ,Please tell her and Ray I am sending my Prayers !!!!!

Jaye love the blooms ,spiderwort is one of my great loves I don't think you can ever have enough !!!!

Robyn it looks like it was a lovely reunion !!! I would of love to have seen all those white doves being released !!!!!!!!! And your DH is a very fine looking fella,you are quite blessed !

1. Purple Butterfly Kisses Cindy
2.Hopefully a Celebration Cocktail after court on Tuesday
3.Showing my Love for the USA
4.And last but not least ,trying to not be a chicken about joining the Itty Bitty Committee .......LOL (Surgery doesn't scare me ,the BIG ouchy I will have is a whole nother story)

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(Pegi) Norwalk, CA(Zone 10b)

Synda, you have so much on your plate, so sorry for all the issues you are going through. Glad to see you still find time for the RW&B swap. My thoughts will be with you.

Carrollton, OH(Zone 6a)

Pegi ,Thank You so much ........ I have veered away from DG because sometimes it just is so hard to come up with the words ,but with a grateful nudge from someone (not mentioning any names) I am so thankful that I have joined RW&B Swap also ,I am finding it to be a great distraction from all the chaos !!!!!

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Sorry to hear your going through so much Synda! ((((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))) We will say our prayers for you, that everything in court and the hospital will turn out good for you!

(Cindy) Auburn, CA(Zone 10a)

Oh ((((((Synda))))) I am so sorry you are going through all this. The issues with your mom has got to be tearing you apart. I know how close you are to your momma and having to see her get treated like that is WRONG. I pray your brother gets guardianship of your mom. And you have not neglected me, I just miss your witty comments and pics that you post.

TabacVille, NC(Zone 7a)

Robin, did some of the casualties' family members show up at the reunion? It would be something to bring home with, memories of what their beloved ones' went through, and they'd be proud and honored for the sacrifices.
Thanks for sharing that with us.

Synda, you know me. I'm for justice, and I'm mighty teed off that man that's taken his vows to love and cherish his wife in sickness will be so quick as to want to get rid of her. He must not have watched that ID shows and notice that you don't get away with wrongful death, especially with motives!
Who is he to play God? God sees all, and your step dad will be answering to him
Hope today is a good day for you.

I have my box partially ready. I'm sure many here think.. ahh.. Jaye will be sewing something for her buddy. You know you're right!!
But what? That's the dilemna going through my head right now!
So today, I'll be pondering what won't require much ripping if I were to make mistakes!!

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(thunder)Wildwood, FL(Zone 9a)

Big BIG HUGS to you Synda (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

(Marion) Havana, FL(Zone 8b)

Head down and sad look on face!!! Is my dear, sweet sistah inferring that I am late with swaps? Oh well, if the shoes fit........................................................

Bessemer, AL(Zone 8b)

what size shoe?

(Marion) Havana, FL(Zone 8b)

LOL at this point just about any size!!!!

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

OH, Well!!!I missed out but may I watch to see what you all get????
I know it is going to be fun....

Thumbnail by ridesredmule
TabacVille, NC(Zone 7a)

Well Marion, anything worth waiting for is worth the time, right?
Go ahead and reclaim that title!! Lol!!

Charleen, put in on next year's calendar. Not to miss another RWB! You and Charley hang around please.
It's always good to see a patriotic mule.

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Victoria Harbour, ON

drats, no USA goodies to be found, oh yeh, I'm in Canada and July 1st is Canada Day that is why all the red maple leafs are out..hmm gor to find something.

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