dogwood trees not flowering

Lexington, MA(Zone 5b)

I have one pink dogwood, which I assume is cornus florida, and two cornus Kousa. Up till this year, they have bloomed fully, and at the appropriate times. This year, none of them bloomed (there were 2 blossoms on the pink cornus florida). All the neighboring area trees bloomed normally. Does any one have any idea of what might be going on here?? I am stumped.
I have a second odd problem. 1/2 of my lilac bushes bloomed (facing the morning sun), and the other side of the group , which gets the afternoon sun, did not They get equal amounts of water, and fertilizer.
Can anyone help with this bizarre dilemma?

Buena Vista, VA

Re: the dogwoods. Did you happen to put down any compost, fertilizer or mulch around the base of the trees? That could be why
they are blooming. The extra nutrition goes into producing leaves and roots and tree won't bloom.

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Photos of the site and current conditions might help add information to this situation.

Also - what major climatic differences occurred since last year (if they behaved normally then) and this spring? Floods? Droughts? Famine?

Severe changes in your plants' normal lifestyle can result in this kind of peculiar behavior.

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