Bird in love with my mirror glass windows

Navan, Ireland

I have replaced my windows with ones with a mirror finish.
Now one particular bird, I believe it is a Bluetit, has fallen in love with his/her own reflection and visits one or more of my windows every morning and randomly thru the day, creating a noise like a tiny jack hammer. It is not after the joints in the window frame (PVC) or insects; it just keeps pecking the glass, as in it's own image. I even have video of the little 'darling'.
I would appreciate any help as shooting may damage the glass.

Missouri City, TX

There was a thread, years ago about just such a bird. It was hilarious, and the bird came back every year and built a nest in a nearby shrub.
That bird was destroying the window frames.

You might try hanging a mirror nearby, and then hang some shiny twirling wind decorations where your bird attacks the reflection.

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