is this normal?

Miami, FL(Zone 10a)

this is my first epi from a cutting of a friends. the entire plant has flat leaves except this one piece that is growing up the left side of the plant. it has become triangular or 3D. could it be some other plant that i put in there. it looks attached. it has never flowered. i just dont want to cut something that i might regret. thanks for any help or sugestions.

you can see the second picture the one on the left reaching for the awning, and the third picture on the awning. it is skinnier than the rest as well.

Thumbnail by candela Thumbnail by candela Thumbnail by candela
Merino, Australia

Looking aroun d all my epis, I see this sort of thing often. Some plants will just pop out a different type of stem.
It looks perfectly okay to me. I have some epis that have been hanging types for years suddenly send up a long vertical stem or two.
They seem to have minds of their own when it comes to growing.
I have found that a few epis can send a long stem like this from another part of the pot or even outside the pot coming from the roots not the plant itself

Miami, FL(Zone 10a)

Thanks jean, I will eventually cut it off and put it back in the pot eventually. I know I have dragon fruit as well so I thought it might have been a piece that got in there or something. I hope they flower soon, I put osmocote in there I hope that is enough.

Santa Ana, CA(Zone 10b)

I just looked at mine, and those three sided branches have spent blooms on them. Some others produce new leaves along them.

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