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Ground cover for sand dune face on an Oak Mott

Ingleside, TX

I live on a ancient sand dune on Corpus Christi Bay Texas, covered with Oak trees that have created a "soil" , as it is, and would like to cover the front of the dune, facing south west.

I have attached two photos of the slope. From where the camera is to the street down below is a drop of 40 feet in elevation. In the foreground you can see some Guinea Grass that I missed on the last mowing.

The soil is NOT rich, mostly sand and oak residue. St Augustine grass grows well in it IF WATERED regularly. Guinea Grass grows with gusto with NO water. I dont want Guinea grass because the city insists that it be kept below 12 inches in height. Guinea grass grows to 5' in height in just a few weeks. Oleander grows also with gusto and no water. I love the flowers of Oleander, but the upkeep is horrendous when the Guinea grass gets inside the bush and cannot be reached with the weed eater and then grows to 10 feet in height!! Texas Olive and Bay Tree also thrive on this slope. I wish the Bay Tree didnt thrive quite so well as it blocks my view of the bay.

Watering is only from rain. 30 inches a year, but all at once during hurricane season.

The slope is almost 40 degrees so mowing MUST be done with a weed eater. It takes 6 hours to mow the front yard and at 75 years of age, I am rapidly reaching the end of my ability to mow it and Social Security wont cover a yard man. Maybe I need to talk to Obama?

I just read the article about Rose Moss and I am wondering if it would spread over the yard and push out the Guinea grass, or would I just be adding to my woes by having to mow the Guinea grass while tromping on my Rose Moss. Would the lack of water kill the Rose Moss?

How much seed would it take to cover 1/4 acre and when should it be broadcast. I assume I can broadcast it since it is self seeding.

Thumbnail by JimIsbell Thumbnail by JimIsbell
mulege, Mexico

You might check out They sell vetiver grass and it might work well for your dune. I am gradually planting it around my desert property. Once established it is very drouth tolerant and it's good erosion control. kb

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